i didn’t want to create this thread since i didn’t want people’s comment to be spread between 2 threads (this one and their own) but people want it…

i suggest you post a picture of your work and then a link directly to your thread, and that’s all. if you want to comment on the art, click on the link and go to the person’s thread and comment. but it’s up to you guys how you use this thread.


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>>> My WIP thread

            All thoughts on my work is very welcome and always appriciated! :)


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thx to you all and good luck


Please give your valuable opinions and crits…

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Character Name: Erinax the hedgehog

Character Race / Class: Hedgehog Warlord

Character Description:
The hedgehog persistently chased the slippery earthworm, stumbling down beneath the underground when it walked into a strange looking armor, it merged itself with the hedgehog and earthworm, forming a kind of symbiosis with them. The armor grew on the body, piercing the skin and became one with its host. The metal is strange and dark, with irregular shapes. Cursed perhaps. It evolves the host, mutating them to fit its need… to wage war.

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Latest Update: 2009-04-13


Character Name: Thr[color=white]ăx-ha
[/color]Character Race/Class: Demon Princess

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         Working on this, will reveal soon.
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         Latest Concepts: (March 20th, 09)[img][/img]


You can’t get enough publicity, that’s what they say…

Click hereto see… well, this again. Crits positively encouraged, aye


Here is a link to my thread.

This is my second attempt at dominance war, I would definitely love any critiques, suggestions, etc.

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I really need more opinons!~Appreciate!


Hi all this my opinions

Swizzle: your sculpting too good

Frozzt : your idea superb .

Mraaflaub : your thumbs good . i like no 12. 14

Yakonusuke : very nice sketch … keep going

Izuael : nice details

Dargon : wow. fantastic …I love it!

birdman03 : nice design


Senthil Nathan D


Comments and Critiques would be great!


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I can’t stop making concepts and really, I can’t decide. I’m even making more of them and I feel I’m going to be doin this until 2 weeks before deadline! These are my 3 best options, anyone?


Aesome Work everyone, my first DW, and seems to be like is the toughest year so far to compete.
Here is my progress so far.


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