Dominance War IV - Minichallenge #2 - 3D


       Judges are currently hard at work judging all final entries. While we wait, to conclude Dominance War IV, we are keeping this final mini challenge fun, easy and creative. This year's conclusive worldwide 3d mini challenge topic is:
       [b] War General Pet Portraits! [/b]
       The rules are simple – This is a sculpting/modeling challenge, no textures or coloring. Artists are to model the upper body of a single pet in 3d. No multiple creatures in one image and don't include any part of a master/owner in the image. Pets can be a dog, a small dragon, a multi-headed worm, a bear, a pet demon, an undead pixy, a small cute robot, basically anything that is smaller then a bear and can fit into a house. A pet giant robot is not what we are looking for. Pets can be from any time period, any race and any unnatural race (undead, demons, robots etc). Your pet must include your team’s logo somewhere on his body or on his accessories. How you incorporate your team's logo into your entry, we leave this up to your imagination. 
       [b]You have 9 days (2 weekends plus 5 days) to finish with the following specs:[/b]
       - Everything for this challenge must be made from scratch. A base model will not be given to you by Dominance War organizers. No preexisting ideas or body models can be used. Starting with a standard primitive object is fine. A sphere, a cube, zspheres, etc are all fine.
       - [b]No multiple colors allowed. [/b] Everything must be in a single color. Dark and light shades of that single color is acceptable.
       - Only show 45% maximum of your pet. Do not create the entire body. Your pet's head, shoulders and arms or front legs are fine. You must blend your pet's remaining body into your pedestal. 
       - You MUST include a pedestal in your sculpture. A pedestal is not a floor.
       - You have unlimited Polygons to create your 3d sculpture.
       - You can use any 3d software package on planet earth to create your entry.
       - You can use any 3d software lighting package or set up on planet earth to light your entry.
     [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
   [left][b]Additional Notes:[/b]
    - Artists cannot switch teams during challenges. If you were on Polycount’s team in our first mini challenge or main event, you must remain on Polycount’s team during this mini challenge. 
    - As always, entering a mini challenge is optional. It is not required.
    - Posting your work in progress in this single thread is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY.
    - You can only submit ONE 1000x1000 (up to 1000x1000. Smaller dimensions are fine) 350k final image and this image must include your team's logo, your War General Pet's name, and your personal name and/or contact details.
    - Only 1 entry per person. Do not create or try to create multiple entries with different user names. 
    - Yes, entering both the 3d and 2d sections of this challenge is fine. 
    - [b]Final submissions are final.[/b] If you upload your final image 4 days before the deadline, do not ask us to change it. Make sure you are happy with your image before you submit it into the system.
    - Public voting starts June 3rd and ends June 7th. When public voting is over, each team's best entries are gathered together into a single pool and a grand mini champion will be chosen and announced with all other Dominance War IV event champions in mid June. 
    Good luck to all those who enter!

Deadline: Monday June 1st 2009 - 11:59pm Eastern Time

 [center][b]>> Submit your final images [here]([/b] [b]<<[/b]

[color=Orange](UPDATED URL!!![/color])



Great!will try something cool!


I think i’ll try it also, i love sculpting. :smiley:


PETTT !!! very interesting…


I’ll try this one!
sounds fun


Doylle - The rules you have listed above seem mainly to cover 3D entries. However, on, the briefer-brief-than-you’ve-posted-here says

…you now have until June 1st to create a sculpture or painting of a pet fit for a war general.

Can you tell us whether the no-multiple colors allowed rule applies to painting, or just to the sculpting?


Not sure. I’ll try to get an answer for you asap.


This should answer you question. Apologies for the delay :slight_smile:


great challenge! i am so in!

firstly, where do we go about posting our WIPs? if this is like DW IV Mini-challenge #1, then i haven’t seen a WIP thread around just yet, has it been created O.o?

“- Posting your work in progress in this single thread is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY.” Copy and paste of FredH’s thread

Secondly, on FredH’s thread there seems to be more requirement to the end piece, like putting in a frame and what not; which is not a problem at all for me maybe thats the requirement for 2D, not 3D? i am simply wondering if the idea of the challenge is being formulated as we speak, nevertheless i really wanna enter this challenge, let the tablet clashing and clanging begin! woot!

“- You MUST include a picture-frame in your final illustration.” FredH

i apologize if this is being work out and work on atm, cheers =D


Thanks for letting us know, Mike. I saw this and thought it was 3D only. It’s possible I won’t have time to enter but it’s good to know the option’s there!



Please use this thread to post your wip shots. No need to make new thread like the main challenge. It will get a bit busy here, but that’s alright :smiley:

I suspect you’re thinking about the 2D guidelines. You can find the 2D thread here, there was a bit of a delay, so you may have missed it earlier.


Sorry (dumb question) but I have never participated in DW, but, the DW site says competition is closed and I would like to participate. Might anyway eligible or not. Is it possible to participate in this particular portion without already being declared on a team? (yes its obvious if there has not been any modifications due to the extension/addition of the pet bit, just need clarification)


i do believe that you have full previllege to participate in this Mini-Challenge #2 without entering the main event, with that said, i believe that you are free to enter in any of the challenges without obligated to participate in all three, and this challenge is optional as well, but in no exception that this is gonna be another one hell of of a inspiration and perspiration competition to join in, so you are free to join in any of the participating forums i would strongly encourage you to hop in as well =D

P.S. this is gonna be the 3D WIP thread i believe, and the 2D thread will be here , i think. you are welcome to choose to join in which ever format you enjoy, or both =).



Very cool then and exciting, thanks:beer:


where WIP to create?
i start to here :smiley:

my idea of pet

and with pedestal
question - can i use this pedestal?

good luck everyone:beer:


Anatoly, that looks cool man!
Good luck


Here’s one idea I might run with. Tons of crows and ravens where I live…just love them. Little nod of the head to one of my favourite movies and artists as well. :wink:

Roc/raven/turkey vulture…something along those lines.

Pic before feathers and then another with some added.


Alright here’s the start of my entry, its going to be a baby Dragon sitting in the boot of his master. hope everyone likes the idea :wink: any comments crits are welcome :slight_smile: Also just like to say awesome contest theme :smiley:


This will be my WIP thread for the second DW IV mini challenge. I assume that by starting this thread, I’m entered into the competition. If there is some other official bit of business I need to attend to in order to register, someone please let me know.

I started out just compositing photos of various animals until I found something that was interesting to my eye. I had no preconceived notion of what I wanted to make, this was pure exploration of shapes and textures. I left this super rough because once I get pointed in the right direction I like to hit the sketchbook as quickly as possible.

Eventually I ended up blending a frog, a lizard, a gnarly deep sea fish (astronesthes), and I gave it a falcon’s hood as an accessory just for fun. Later I decided to nix the frog and give him a more slender body to invoke a sense of agility and sneakiness.

Then I spent some time sketching. I’ve been an animal owner my entire life, and I know that animals (domesticated ones at least) each have their own quirks and “personalities”. This sketching phase gave me an opportunity to get to know who my animal was - what it’s personality was like.

And now I’ve begin sculpting :]


Sabu is a Teacup Black Dragon. Teacups are engineered to be about the size of a ferret, and while much of their hostility has been bred out, they are only capable of being loyal to one person, and they imprint on that individual for life. Toward others they are generally only cruel and taunting. They live about thirty years. If a Teacup’s master dies before it does, it’s best to either kill the creature or set it free, for it will not accept another master - the bond is unbreakable.

Sabu is a scandalous, sneaky creature; and he is formidable when provoked or if he feels his master is in danger. He is named Sabu due to the unsettling noise he makes when he discovers something he finds interesting - a tasty morsel or some shiny thing.

Sabu’s master is General Tsang. It is said that the General was born without a heart…except for when it comes to Sabu. The animal’s diminutive size, agility in flight, and intelligence make it an ideal aid in secret tasks. Sabu is the General’s closest friend and his most trusted soldier.


Hexahedron -> thanks dude :wink:
some progress in 3d


so here’s a little update show the base of the dragon before i start sculpting :slight_smile:

sanat49: cool concept looking forward to seeing it develop
I’m loving the sculpt so far looks very cool!
I like the pet break down you did, look forward to seeing the sculpt of it :slight_smile: