Dominance War IV - Minichallenge #2 - 2D


Judges are currently hard at work judging all final entries. While we wait, to conclude Dominance War IV, we are keeping this final mini challenge easy, fun and creative. So this year’s conclusive worldwide 2d mini challenge topic is:
   War General Pet Portraits!
   The rules are simple – Artists are to render a single pet in a picture-framed 2d Illustration. No multiple creatures in one image and don’t include any part of a master/owner in the image. Pets can be a dog, a small dragon, a multi-headed worm, a bear, a pet demon, an undead pixy, a small cute robot, basically anything that is smaller then a bear and can fit into a house. A pet giant robot is not what we are looking for. Pets can be from any time period, any race and any unnatural race (undead, demons, robots etc). Your pet must include your team’s logo somewhere on his body or on his accessories. How you incorporate your team’s logo into your entry, we leave this up to you.
   You have 9 days (2 weekends plus 5 days) to finish with the following specs:
   - Create a single illustration in full color.
   - You can use any software package to achieve your final result.
   - You MUST include a picture-frame in your final illustration.
   Additional Notes:
   - Artists cannot switch teams during challenges. If you were on Polycount’s team in our first mini challenge or main event, you must remain on Polycount's team during this mini challenge.
   - As always, entering a mini challenge is optional. It is not required.
   - Posting your work in progress in this single thread is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY.
   - You can only submit ONE 1000x1000 (up to 1000x1000. Smaller dimensions are fine) 350k final image and this image must include your team’s logo, your War General Pet’s name, and your personal name and/or contact details.
   - Only 1 entry per person. Do not create or try to create multiple entries with different user names.
   - Yes, entering both the 3d and 2d sections of this challenge is fine.
   - Final submissions are final. If you upload your final image 4 days before the deadline, do not ask us to change it. Make sure you are happy with your image before you submit it into the system.
   - Public voting starts June 3rd and ends June 7th. When public voting is over, each team’s best entries are gathered together into a single pool and a grand mini champion will be chosen and announced with all other Dominance War IV event champions in mid June.
   Deadline: Monday June 1st 2009 - 11:59pm Eastern Time
   Good luck to all those who enter!
 [b]>> Submit your final images [here](<<[/b]

(updated url!)


alright, without further adue, here are some progress( this is where we post right?) hehe,

 "- Posting your work in progress in this single thread is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY." this posting wip text is a bit lost in all of those lines of texts on both below and above, so perhaps [b]bolding[/b] it or place it at the top of the bullet points or in else where so its easier to see? just a thought.
from reading the description, i believe the 2D is not AS limited to color pallettes as the 3D, not sure? i can always reduce it to monochrome in which ever the case =).



wow, its been 9hrs and STILL no other new entries? i am so gonna win this challenge without a single competitor/rival to take a stab at me( its gonna be so ever lonely, cmon, someone join in, you can easily kick my arse and you know it too! please.)

alright, next update from me, the concept is a hummingbird and a jewel egg( since my Dominance war IV entry was inspire by hummingbird and butterfly, what better way than to show respect to it) ). the illustration will feature the egg being crack/broken, and somesort of misty cloud/formless creature would appear, and perhaps making the piece more mysterious and strenghten it a little', what you guys think? like it, hate it? feel free to take a stab at it if and for the love of god! enter this challenge :deal:, its so lonely here bouncing by me selve :bounce: .

regarding the visual, the lower jaw-ish below the beak, i was going for some sort of victorain decoration with patterns, it just doesnt look right atm, any input would be cool =).



i think the pet should be the creature thats already serving its general not a newborn, but thats just my interpretation

as for the illustration you should strenghten the shadows inside and under the beak

and my entry is
an ape like creature carrying his masters stuff, accesorries for cleaning his boots and booze :smiley:

im still confused if it can be full figure of pet or only the portrait


about 90 minutes of painting later:


PuiArt, fadingray - nice start!

Here’s the product of the past 60 minutes for me - WIP 1 and 2. It’s called a pitbullfrog if anyone wondered. I guess generals would have agressive pets, I’m not sure.

I’m doing this one in ArtRage.


hi guys, just some rough concepts. might go for the crow concept.kind of dark…
Good luck!

black kylin



Very very true, this is sort of like a newborn pet; a change of form A to form B. Certainly it would count as a off/side track of the main theme, but the contest never stated the duration and length a pet coexist with the master, nor is there a limit to exist/non-existence animal either =D, and certainly it haven't break any of the requirements, i.e:: a pet that is no bigger than a house/can enter a house, incorporate the team logo, etc. 
 This is how I look at it, by leaving behind a shell as a dominant element on the piece, I can give shape and form to something that is formless and shapeless(maybe making it more scarier? lol). I really appreciate your comment, because it actually made me felt more stronger with the idea than ever before, my bad, hehe( I am so totally taking the constructive critique the wrong way). I have also taken into the consideration of the shadow; making it darker =D, thx. I really really appreciate it =)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

fadingray:: definitly very unique, i rarely see a steward tacking along with the adventurier before, that really explains why with all the normal, elite and unique junks i pick up during my rpg adventure and the character don’t seem to be carrying anything at all, so thats whos helping me carryin’ em, =D

BaronImpossible:: very glad your joining in! that concept of urs is sick, i mean it looks like a frog and a dog hybrid, the concept is just impossible! no, its BaronImpossible! i want more! lol

black-kylin:: dig the crow idea, the concept on the far bottom right definitely stand out to me the most, its so alienated, yet so familair, like a bird’s beak ;). liking the bird-worm idea too, hahhah, it cracks me up so much =)

i better not slow down, or u guys will zoom pass me! heres what i got so far

Alrighty, time for me to think outside of the “ball”.

Gonna go look at some yummy cranky eggs for references, lol cheers, and lets bring home some more trophies for CGsociety! :beer:


Puiart - thanks for your comment. The " crow worm or worm crow " concept will be my final pet. I like your remind me of kiwi bird. kind of cool.

BaronImpossible - cool design! I will get one if I found it in local pet store. It match with your main DWIV unique design style.

fadingray - interesting design. very nice.

Almost done for my pet " crow worm/worm crow " illustration.

Good luck everyone!

black kylin



finish final illustration and color study for my pet " crow worm/worm crow ". will work on the frame and ready to go.

Good luck everyone!

black kylin



black-kylin - yep, that was my favourite concept. Great work.


crazy progress guys, i better not slack off, here is what i got.


black-kylin, thanks for bringing up the frame requirement part, i almost forgot about it, so i am gonna be painting WITH the frame on to avoid having parts of the piece being cut off.


On with the war :smiley:
Thinkin’ about an ape is not that unusual, it seems. Therefor I thought about a creature behaving similar to an ape but being more insidious.
I call him Jokus Zwietracht. Jokus means joke. Zwietracht means discordia, opposing opinions. The pet hides his face behind a mask. If you look at the one side, it smiles. Look at the other, it is evil.
And I like the idea to mingle this with the symbol of time. Alas … you can see the size of this pet comparing to the watch around his neck.


That’s really nice, Black Kylin. Very kinetic piece, very well designed - both creature and layout - and the logo works well on it too. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more hint of reds and pinks to keep it from looking too monochromatic, but that’s just a small suggestion - really great work! :thumbsup:


That’s mine done. Good luck all :slight_smile:


Submission link doesn’t work… I’m hoping they’ll correct it before I forget all about it :wink:


BaronImpossible & BLack Kylin : lovely

Puiart: i meant those shadows inside beak to be almost black (at the most inner part ofc), just try it and you will see how much more depth it will give to your painting

just noticed the slime path , good idea and builds a story

DeadInTheAttic: good idea, waitin for update

my update:


fadingray - He’s looking good. Nice choice of frame too. Watch the toes of the boot, though, they’re very close to touching the border.


ohhh, thanks for the submission error report, hopefully they will get it fix soon =)

wow, u guys all are about to be done, don’t leave me all alone here, its all dark and scary, and stuff.

alright, scrap the mouth idea, changing it to a gem instead, with many legs grabbing onto it, i think its a lot more scare-ry-e-er this way. Think of hummingbird-butterfly-rotton egg scary, yeah, thats right :rolleyes:.


Hey guys, nice progress here!

I also wanna try this.
My first step: