Dominance War IV : General Discussion


please use this thread for general discussion about DWIV.


Its soo big now Im afraid to enter, I think Ill do the 9 day mini challenge, and use the result of that as my concept for the real thing.
Should be fun.


Do the rules for the challenge come out the day it starts. Would seem logical, but I’d like to get a head start


rules comes out day of. so be here ready on the 20th.


How do you enter or register yourself for the dominance of War IV competition?


i don’t get it. shouldn;t it be “DWIV”? i noticed that even on the faq thread talking about last year that it is called DMIII… what’s the “M” for?

just curious.



ha! i was tired. yes, it is suppose to be DWIV. fixing that now.


i’m itnerested in participate. is there any place where i can read the rules for the previous Dominance wars? just to have an idea of what i’m going to do :slight_smile:


look on the left hand side, you’ll see links for a four challenges.


ok, i have a question wich may or may not be able to be answered atm. it says in the rules for dwIII that all assets must be created for the challenge, no existing assets, textures, etc. my question is: if we enter the mini challenge, are we able to use those assets for our main challenge? or will we need to make completely new assets for the main challenge as well? can anyone tell me how it was in the past?



cool! thanks a lot


Here are the rules and regs, story line and stuff like that. This is going to be a lot of fun. 3 days till the mini, see you there! Hugs and love to all! :bounce:


first mini challenge starts on the 20th.


You’re so right bro! Sorry about that miss information, I guess I’m so exited my mind is playing tricks on me
ha! Well till the 20th then.


Hey, I want to know if I will not to take part of mini challenge, then I can take part of main challenge in March ???

And in the main challenge, someone will chose from forum next finalist or we need to put finish work in ???


you can enter the main challenge without doing the mini challenges.

you will submit your entries on the DMIV site yourself.


DW 4 cheers! :twisted:
Wait on February 20 to know a theme.


hey guys. i was just at the dw site and according to the counter, it won;t start unitil the end of the 20th. midnight eastern between the 20th and the 21st. do you think it is wrong? or are they based in australia or something??



info about the 1st mini challenge is up……?f=282&t=731580

…rules will be posted on the 20th.


I’m doing some quicksketchs and getting loosened up for the big event…

Looking forward to seeing more awesome stuff from everyone.

Good luck and good work to everyone.