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Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 3D

Mini Challenge #1 - War General Portraits 2D

February 20th, 2009

1st Mini Challenge Info - starting February 20th

February 18, 2009

Official CGSociety DWIV logo/emblem & colors

     [.psd version [in vector shapes]](
     [.png version [huge and no background]](
    [.ai version](
    [.eps version](
      [b]and colors...[/b]
     [.cs file with the above color swatches](

*yes, these are the same colors and logo from DMIII, so don’t mind the naming of the files

The offical DW4 logo:>>> View Logo <<<>>> Download PSD <<<

February 08, 2009


how to enter the dominance of war 4 competition


Ah, the logo and the colors. This I like.

I can’t wait. :slight_smile:




If I’m not mistaken, that reads DWIII. Are we to understand that we’re using the same logo and color scheme?


yes, i was tired when posting. we are using the same logo/colors from DMIII (that is why everything says DMIII).


Im Ready! Countin’ down the days.

  • Am I the only one crazy/excited enough for DWIV that actually turned our forums DW symbol into a desktop background. lol.


I’m loving the colours. From what I’ve been able to gather from the past events (new comer here XD) One has to use either the symbol in their image, or the colours, to represent the team? Does that still stand? Can’t wait to see what the theme and catagories are this year :smiley:


info about the 1st mini challenge is up…

…rules will be posted on the 20th.


I would like to join too, how can I join or just do the character I like and post it?


you do not have to sign up. just post your art work in the threads i create and when submission time rolls around, you will upload art direct to the DWIV site.


I have a question. Is the challenge limited too human characters only? how about creatures?


yeah dominace war rulez…
so i’ll join it.
but one ask…i’m french, is it a problem if i join here and not the french forum (3DVF)?


Sorry but I don’t understand what should I do with this .cs file. I suppose that I should load it as a swatch colors but there can be loaded only .aco and .act files. What do I do wrong?


Ok, february 20th here we are, where are the rules? I just came from DW page and there are only the mini challenge rules.


I posted this the other day in the 2D thread but nobody seemed to know, so I’ll try again here (regarding the 2d mini-challenge):

Rules question:
Are we allowed to incorporate photographic elements into our portrait (either on the character itself, or the background), or does it need to be all painted?

 Sorry if I missed this, but I couldn't find an answer to it anywhere.

I sometimes do that in my style, but don’t want to put in time just to be insta-disqualified :stuck_out_tongue:
There doesn’t seem to be detailed rules posted anywhere, maybe that just means anything goes :slight_smile:


no photographic elements are allowed in this challenge.


Oh…post wrong…

Sorry. pls delete this Thanx!


Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:


Do I have to be registered at the dominance war site/ to post my final image when time comes? Or to enter the main challenge?