Dominance War IV - 3D - MechCrusher PG100 - War Machine


hi guys. This is basically the idea for my mech. I hope u like it. There will be some changes in the process of modeling ( more details … guns … stuff ) , so for now …


Another war machine. There are no too much war machines.
Very nice sketch.:thumbsup:
Keep it up:beer:


some very very basic shapes …


some little update … a lot of shapes are far from ready but keep working … :lightbulb


i’m digging the very agressive design on this guy. cool mechanical designs, I especially like the upper connections on the legs. looks like they’re built to lock into place to prevent them from being overextended? can’t wait to see it get some guns.


… not much more , but trying to complete the basic shapes of this :wink: .I hope u like it :slight_smile:


Definitely more guns:thumbsup:…Mammoth robot. Looks like it can bull doze down everything in site. Good mechanical design indeed.



thats a cool mech-design, i like it very much. I am pretty sure you can turn this one into a cool entry. But i have to submit Sleepinglion, there could be a bit more massive firepower.

so long


Thanks for reply guys! :slight_smile:

I know for guns. I will put more definitely, just to finished the most of biggest shapes.


I wonder what this might look like at the end.
At this point it looks a bit too symmetrical. It reminds me of those big machines of the imperial ground forces of StarWars, though I prefer the legs of your machine.
You only need a nice background, which will show the proportions of your machine. Or one leg risen … but … still some days to go.


no time but … keep digging after all …


hey i really like your model, your concept seemed a bit rough but all together i think its looking good. I cant wait to see some colors and secondary details. Texture should take this to the next level. Reminds me a bit of some of my favorite childhood toys, Zoids.

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