Dominance War II: Yung


Hi there everyone. Glad to serve as cannon fodder. Gonna need all the advice and critiques I could need. Sketches coming soon, mind u, I am not good at concept.

Edit. Thumbnails uploaded. C&C welcome. choices choices.

My first try. Personally I am opting for the last guy on the right, but as Gauss from Polycount would said, “Don’t marry your first girlfriend, or sixth! Keep working.”

The first one on top is second attempt at thumbnailing some forms, which not many I liked. The second one here is the one I liked and detailed a little.

Forgotten to add this. Generally I am opting for a melee combat expert ‘Shadow’, someone to get in close and deal close range catastrophe. The idea is currently between Swordsman or fist flinging.

Added numbering. I know, there’s no 47. Silly me.


it doesn’t matter, i also suck at concept sketching.

i wish you the very best for this contest! :buttrock:


Thanks. And I wish you luck as well. May CGSociety crush the foolish three others!


i like the dude in the second row in the middle with that long nasty sword (last picture of the three) :twisted:

and hey…YOU suck at sketching? i think you are pretty good…


Ah yes I think I know which guy you are talking about. Trust me, wait till the colors come out then you know I am sucky. But thanks, Seebaer. Hopefully I can improve more.

Anyway got to continue exploring somemore, got to resist urge to jump straight into modeling…must resist.

Anyway forgotten what is the general direction I am heading. Gonna edit the post at the top.



okay, anyway, got to work now, and this evening i will do something more for my concept :wise:


:bounce: some realy nice siluetes, there is quite a bunch of them so i still can’t separate 1-2 of them, i had the same problem with mine quick dodles.
if you choose mele may be think more about what do you whant it to be - quick (skinny) or heavy (biffed up a bit) i think that will help you to narrow it down the specter of mele warriors. and it can evolve with some new interesting concepts.
waiting for new posts from ya mate :slight_smile:


those sketches look good. I like on the bottom jpg, the one in the middle row all the way to the right. There’s just soo much character in that pose, looks very stealthy. looking forward to see your entry flesh out. Good luck!


I’m tired to hear you say you suck at whatever because you obviously don’t. :smiley: You just need to be more confident and take time to keep working at it. Hehe. And pretty good response you are getting so far!

I actually liked the 2nd piece 2nd spider looking from the top left. The third one from the top right and the one on the bottom right corner (which I assume is what you like too) looks pretty closer to what I think you would love working with. Oh, also, just to make mentioning these thumbnails better in the future, maybe you can label them with numbers or alphabets so it would be easier for us to point out and suggest which design is better. Keep it up! And looking forward more works from you!


Tastatura: Yeah thanks for the tips. I already had something in mind, but am afraid it would not fit the brief too well. I’ll try to come up with something.

System404: Now with numberings added, I believe you are saying number 16? Yeah I like that guy, but not my personal first choice. Still I will develop him, because you said so! salutes

Hammy: Yes Hammy, I will try to be confident, but it’s hard to with so many pros taking part. Anyway thanks for the numbering tips. Gonna push more into concept :smiley:


Here’s a little short update. Basically touch up design 17 a little bit and see where I am heading to. The green and red stick will change, just a placeholder for weapons :smiley:

Edit: Uploaded refined work. For this piece, I am done for now. Moving on to next design.
Yeah I know, the sword looks weird, but it’s temporary only :smiley:


he really kicks ass, keep it up yung!


Hey Yung number nine has a lot of appeal to me. I really like that assymetry in his body.


Seebaer: Haha thanks. I am really too slow in this, gotta speed up a lot more. You work on yours too, I am waiting for your thread :D.

dsolo: No! Stop! Everytime you guys like something, I have to further clean up! Hahaha. Neh just joking, you guys are more then welcome to comment. I share your love for no.9 too, might wanna try to clean it up more. Thanks for the suggestion.


yep i work on it, i edited my last post in my thread, because no one posted since me, and therefor my thread is not bumped…
but i finished colorwork on concept number one, will do this evening and tomorrow in the train a second one :slight_smile:

chooochooooooo :bounce:


Will check out your work soon Seebaer and help bump it back to page 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright that’s it for today. Sleeping early for tomorrow’s interview.


Great doodles! I like 8, 12 and 41 best. I think they fit best to the theme.


thank you yung, and i wish you the very best for tomorrow, i will now go home…enough of work for today (it’s now 5:03 pm)


Latest doodle, more suited for my initial idea, but I hate the design…grr more brainstorming. Gotta kick up the speed a few notches.


Another doodle. Gotta find that most wanted shape! Else would be drowned by other professionals!