Dominance War II: TheFirstAngel


lol thought i join this for fun, still having extremely much work to be done but a bit of modeling fun can’t be that bad :slight_smile:
have fun all and best of luck ^^ joining the crew too! yay! cgtalkers! forrr honorrrr! hmrrrrr!
:beer::scream::buttrock: lets rock!


you have some nice 2d works, cant wait to see your concept. good luck!


best o’ luck to you! look forward to seeing what you come up with :thumbsup:


sash will win!


mashru: thanks a lot! goodluck to you too! will post some later tonight have fancy exoskeleton transformer fightdress and gurly type of concept in my head ^^

bonzepeet: thanks a lot! :smiley: yeah this is going to be fun :slight_smile: best o luck to ya too :slight_smile:

warpster: ahahaha wouldn’t know ^^


Better be quick because the thumbnail submission just came online. I should warn you, thumbnails positions on never change on the view entry page, so it would be a shame if your art was not on page no.1 for the rest of the comp. I am a fan of your art, so I thought I would mention this:)


bwahaha, so you couldn’t resist, hein? have fun destroying the enemy mate! :smiley:


have fun angel, givvus some killer stuff



FredH: thank you very much. since me and submission systems are old time enemies, i hope i done everything right. had to subscribe the artisan forum, then had to make a thumb and fill the form… hope this is it, it sais “pending” and not yet officially in, is there anything else i have to do?
i am easily confused with any uploading system and didn’t find a guide so i hope this is it :slight_smile:
glad to hear you like what i do - hope you’ll like this one :slight_smile:

coCoKNIght: side by side old friend, lets kick em butts! hehe lets move out to show em what cgtalkers are made of! haha!:scream:

Squibbit: thanks mate will try. goes right back to you and rock em all!


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *go sacha * go sacha go ctalk cheerleading mode (are there black ponponthingies?).

have fun :smiley:


Your guesses proved to be correct hehe you are now in:)

Looking forward to seeing your great art in the war! You’ll certainly make great target practice for my character:thumbsup:


ok, there it is. we’re supposed to be ancients. how would something like that look like in the year of 3107. well, when they expect massive attacks with big sized really massive stuff - somethng tiny might get trough every detection system.
my battlefairy, has altered wings made of synthetic materials who make her able to fly faster than her ancestors and dive or operate in deepspace. her wings are connected to her natural wingbase with a neurolink and so she’s the wars tiniest shadow, undetectable but deadly. has microneutron bombs and micro laserguns, specialized on spymissions and damage lifesuporting systems… lol just an idea, what do you think?


lynna: ahahah thanks my dear! always wanted to see ya jump around in a way too short skirt and pigtails yayness!!! rofl :scream:

FredH: thanks a lot mate, glad it worked :smiley: ahahaha try hit her if you can she’s tiny and lightspeedfast operative for the cgtalk forces, and she’s a very vicious being :slight_smile: even looking cute - she’s deadly as hell and specialized to operate in every thinkable environment. hehe catch her - if you can ^^


i like the colors


yes! very cool design and extremely fast as usual! wana see your girl in lowpoly !
kill them all comrade!


good luck! :thumbsup:


i have a couple of my gals farie ornaments hanging in my room, and i think it be nicer to see a more traditional wing for her, either the more butterfly type or the double bird winds that are soft looking, i also recomend a skirt mechanism for the clothing, and some knee or calf high looking boots, I also like the use of the energy pipes to be used as a element for the glow maps.


Nice start, Ilike the concept of battle fairy:) All the best Dude:thumbsup:


Id agree with the double bird wing, possibly a swift… nice concept…


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