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I’m just posting this up so I can get registared, Concepts will be comming soon.


Hey everyone, I’m finally getting some concepts digitized so here we go!

I’ve been doing a lot of thumbnails in my sketchbook and have found a overall design I like. I did a really quick paintover so you can get a feel for what I was am going for. I’m still not certain about the color scheme, any suggestions and insight is always appreciated.

Since the thumbnail is really vague, here is some info to fill in the gaps for you (A detailed bio/backstory will be posted later, I have it figured out, just not actually written yet)

The ancients are hyper advanced, based on a technology that manipulates the nature of matter and energy on the sub-atomic level. As such, they have no need for using harsh metals and ugly wires, all of they’re hard surfaces are lacquered and lavishly detailed. She is wearing a body suit that is flexible but nearly impenetrable. The suit’s secondary function is to transmit electrical impulses from her brain to her muscles. The idea is that the material in the suit has less electrical impedance then her own nervous system so she gains an extremely slight speed boost from it.

Her main weapon is used to manipulate the structure of matter and energy, it resonates with the string fragments that make up the subatomic particles in her target’s atoms. She can rearrange, transform, and otherwise control in any way she wills the atoms of her opponents. If she cannot strike the opponent with this weapon directly, on the end of the handle is a nozzle that can fire a highly charged disruption projectile. This projectile does not have the same fidelity of control the head of the weapon has, but instead blindly transforms any Matter or Energy surface it comes in contact with into Photons (Essentially vaporizing the target, turning them into light). Lastly, if she doesn’t have direct line of sight, she can use the weapon to control the symmetrical particles of her opponent (Defeat without even being near them)

Preliminary feedback greatly appreciated, I’ll post up a Final line drawing tomorrow and Colors to follow.


ha! the planck scale supersymmetrical harmoic resonator just made my day :smiley:

great work, both on the concept and the backstory! looking forward to seeing where this goes…


Here is some line art for everyone’s consideration. This gives a better idea of how I am planning to do the detailing of her outfit since the original thumb I posted was really small/vague. I still need to get around to posting up a complete bio / backstory for her, so in the mean time here is another little bit of info to clear up any confusion.

The Ancients exist within a mental singularity as an amalgamation of condensed waveforms. They surrendered they’re bodies long ago when they began to “Slumber”. Cosmetra chose the Corporeal form of a young girl (Biologically 13~14 years old) simply because of her personal taste. The ancients are obsessed with beauty, and Cosmetra’s gaudy outfit fits this mentality to a tee. She is functional, but still lavishly decorated.

In this picture you can see her primary weapon in “Mode B”. It opens up and attaches to a connection node on her back. When it is used like this, It only warps the matter on and around Cosmetra’s body. The main weapon maintains a molecular record of Cosmetra’s body structure, and if she is severely damaged (Losses a limb for instance) the weapon will automatically reconstruct the damaged body parts from surrounding particles. It also creates a distortion field around Cosmetra, which protects her from foreign objects and projectiles. This is primarily a defensive Mode, only when the weapon is removed from her back can it once again be used as an offensive weapon.

Her photon blade fits inside the scabbard on her right hip (She’s Ambidextrous but strongly favors her left hand). The blade functions similarly to the disruption projectiles her main weapon fires, the cutting edge of the blade converts any matter it comes in contact with into light (Causing it to create a fun light trail whenever it cuts air). When she’s using her Main weapon in “Mode B”, her photon blade becomes her primary weapon.

bonzepeet - I’m glad you enjoy it ^^ When it’s all said and done, why do I have a feeling I’ll have one of the longer backstories?


Lovely. And so sexy! I love this one! Good luck!


Ok, I have final Lineart for my entry. I didn’t put all of the little details into it like I did in the last one since most of that would be erased and repainted in photoshop anyway. Still should give you guys the idea of the overall design. I drew her weapon separately and will composite them together when I colorize it.


I like it a lot… the second sketch is wonderful!

I would go with this … something is missing in the last one…
also these things on the leg is looking a littlebit weird on the last sketch.


I’m adding those to break up her silhouette a bit, she was looking awful plain so I thought some interesting spindles here and there might make it a little more interesting. Overall the design is almost identical to the second sketch. All of the flowers and little details will still be there, I just decided against drawing them again since I would just be painting over them in photoshop later.

The only actual changes are her feet, adding the metal pieces on her legs and arms, and giving her a different facial expression. And of course, she’s holding her weapon this time instead of having it attached to her back…


beautiful, it has a peter pan feel about it.


I’ve been working on a lot of other things for my portfolio lately, so my Dominance War entry has fallen behind a bit. I decided to start hitting the 3D today so here is a few hours of work this evening.

I’m starting with the head and will work my way down. My plan of attack is I’m going to make a solid semi-lowpoly model, then save it and work it into my highpoly then bring back the original mesh and clean it up.

I haven’t given her the “evil eyes” yet, I’m just sticking to my modeling reference for now. After seeing the film Bridge to Terabithia, I decided I wanted to model the likeness of my Shadow after the character Leslie Burke from the film (Played by AnnaSophia Robb, who also played violet in the recent Willy Wonka Remake). I just thought she was too cute…

Here is the reference I’m using.


she looks like a goof-ball. :slight_smile: i like your concept…would love to see this finalized.


Unfortunately I won’t be finishing this up for Dominance War. Between working on other portfolio pieces and looking for a job, I just haven’t been able to put the kind of work in I would like. I’ll finish her for myself eventually, but that will come after my portfolio work is completed. Thanks for taking a look though ^^


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