Dominance War II: Shadow God


The Shadow God

 [i]   I am the eons between ages. The void in the vaults of the heavens. I am the gulf between the galaxies.[/i]
 [i]I come to remake that which was unmade, and to uncreate that which should not be.[/i]
 [i]I am your ultimate end and your sole salvation. [/i]
 [i]I am the Dark Matter.[/i]
 [i]Creation's Shadow.[/i]



 Late entry here. Just coming off a contract so I hope I can get this done in time! I'll be working in a two person team with my bro because the time is so limited. 
   Some Concepts to begin:
   Wow. Time is of the essense. Need to get down to some serious construction!


Nice concepts. I like the last guy without the wings. The wings could distract a bit if they’re solid and heavy. Would they work as forcefields or similar ‘airy’ concepts?


Started blocking out the major features. Some updates:

Sean: I agree with you about the wings. It’s something I’ve been pondering too. I’ve been imagining they might be an energy field or something along those lines.


I vote for wings! They are the coolest part of the character and really give him a great silhouette. Bring 'em back! Peace,

  • me


Looking good bro… Id say keep the wings, and replace the shoulder pads with the original ones, I think you had a great design ethic with the last color concept, and it would have been cool to see another omnipotent female too…


Thanks for the input. The wings will stay, although not in a typical “solid” format.

I did more work on the concept adding detail over my bro’s line drawing to help with the modeling:


Bulking out more of the geometry before fine detailing in Max and prepping for smoothing. This stage always takes so long to get the forms and volumes correct. It’s worth the extra time getting it right at this stage though. I’m determined to complete the Shadow God on time. I forsee a lot of light nights coming up… Huzzah!


i gotta say i liked that plain masked face a little better than that head gear. as cool as the head gear is, there’s something a little bit more mysterious/ominous going on with the mask. really dig the work on the last update though, especially the detail on those boots. something about their shape/design reminds me of escaflowne. it’s very apt for something technological yet ancient.

have you put any thought into making those orange bits of the wings float seperately? i mean they’re just as cool as is, but that weird sort of high tech/‘floating-just-because-they-can’ thing, i think might look pretty neat in conjunction with their shape & the color & everything! just a suggestion

solid work, especially considering you joined in rather late. keep it up!



Thanks for the thoughts. I Appreciate it. Funny you should mention the head gear, I just spent a bunch of time working on the helmet today :wink: I tried the model without the helmet but with the current armor style and big shoulder pads, it just needs that extra something. I agree the other concept without the helmet is very sinister but it needs that androgenous body and styling for it to work.

I’d like to keep the wings somewhat based in a technological frame. Otherwise I think it starts to veer a bit into fantasy rather than future tech…

Your comment about the legs is apt - I’ve definitely been looking at Japanese robots and exo-suits for inspiration on creating knight-style armor while still looking from the future.

More comments welcome! Keep them coming guys :slight_smile:

More updates:


Your model looks really good. I especially like all the nautical looking gear. Are you going to add anything to the arms? They look kind of small and almost like an after thought. I think if you add some more of that cool gear you have to the arms you will have a more balanced model. Other than that I think this is one of the better model in this contest.


Thanks Andrew, I really appreciate your comments. The arms are completely bare at the moment as you say but they won’t stay that way for long. There’s still a lot left to do on this model and modeling the armor for the arms is next on the list. They will fit in well with the rest of the model when complete.


Some more updates here, critiques and ideas are welcome, thanks!


thats pretty sweet dude! i like alot about it although some things may seem abit off balance imo. his cod peice seems a lil odd, maybe cuz his legs are so close together its kinda hard to visualize how it would hang. his shoulder thingys are pretty extreme which i like but maybe it would be slighty more believable if he was a bit buffer? either way i still dig it and am anxious to see your textures. keep it up!

you know what i just looked at it again and i think i figured it out! if his shoulders were more broad the shoulder peices would be alot more plausible imo.


looking cool! some crit: his overall gestalt is kind of flat… I’d let those things go around him and from front to back a bit more instead of aligned to his x-z-plane (z-up world).
otherwise he’ll look only a bit like some big billboard if you follow :¨)
not saying you must change the shoulderthings but atleast add things that go out backwards or something too up there :slight_smile:
also, I agree that he looks kind of too unburly to carry his armour…
I guess those things are lazer-cannons and power-cells or something… will be cool to find out! :smiley:
oh, it also looks a bit like you’ve jumped into modeling too soon. I’d sketch things in variations on paper some more while you still have it in the rough so you can change things if you find the killer design. and the shapes of the shoulder things are partially somewhat awkward even though the whollistic design is quite great!


Woah! Not much comments modeling wise. But I do recommend shrinking the head a little bit, and elongating those protuding ends (helms, shoulder pads, maybe not the codpiece,etc). Still I do noticed you didn’t post any back views. Is it because the wings will be covering that part? I am interested in knowing how to handle it.

Anyway its a kickass model. Finish up and lets wipe off other the three forums!


Thanks for the input and critiques, much appreciated.

I’ve taken a lot of what’s been said and the proportions have been modified to be more hero-like. The body will also become more bulked out by the addition of the wings and wing attachments on the back.

My teammate just got back from a business trip so we can finally finish this thing properly over the next four (!) days.


Geometry’s been updated to match the paint over my bro did in the last post - definitely looking more appropriate:


The Shadow God

I am the eons between ages. The void in the vaults of the heavens. I am the gulf between the galaxies.

I come to remake that which was unmade, and to uncreate that which should not be.

I am your ultimate end and your sole salvation.

I am the Dark Matter.

[i]Creation’s Shadow.



drop dead cool verse dude! :smiley: updates looking very nice!
I think you should sketch out different ways to balance that assymetry still though… I think assymetry must be quite permeating in an object to look good, as it’s only on the shoulders now it looks a bit unbalanced. maybe change the upwards-extending hip armour on one side to integrate a sheath or something else? or a totally different, lighter, sleeker side if you give him a big shield for one hand?
(I’d try some more to even further improve the model as deadline is now 26th.)
getting high hopes for this one :slight_smile:


Thanks Erik really appreciate your comments. Looking into how to work the non-symmetrical aspects into the model at the moment. In the mean time here’s an update with some additions as well as a look at the shoulder armor being symmetrical.