Dominance War II: SatanMonkey


Ok, so i’m new here, been using Maya about a year and a bit to go easy with me, I am but a delicate Maya flower embarking on the internetzzzz train to Hell. Or something. Anyway here’s the lowdown on my initial thoughts on the design of my guy, followed by some really rubbish sketches. (Ok so i suck at concept art )

Character Biography:
Name: Crux
Race Name: Archae
Environmental Design Influences: The Ancients awoke from a 3000 year sleep, and thus, i imagine they would need to have some way to keep themselves alive through these periods of stasis. As they are an advanced race, i imagine they would be able to use technology to achieve this, and so this character will, upon his body, carry the remnants of a large ‘feeding tube’ that was inserted into his chest. The race themselves, i imagine, have reached a stage where technology and organisms have achieved a perfect balence. As such, like the feeding tubes, all technological ‘add-ons’ would be naturally built into the body at birth. The Archae are so advanced that they have no genitals (don’t point that out to them though, they won’t take kindly to that) and reproduce via genetic cloning of the strongest in their tribe.

Archae do not wear clothes. They attribute them to undeveloped races such as humans. Clothes are also temporary and degrade over time (Which is a bit of a problem if you spend thousands of years asleep) Instead, their bodies have been engineered through genetics to display intricate, glowing, chemically charged patterns, which they use to distinguish one from another. This is of course because they are all genetic clones. It is because of this cloning that the Archae are constantly in stasis. The effects of their experiments are caused problems with thier d.n.a which is slowly tearing itself apart; they are all slowly dying. Because of their extensive technologial knowledge they felt that it would be better to prolong their lives in this way, so that they may one day be called upon to save the universe from harm. This time is now.

Archae are thin (thanks to the ultra low calarie food they sustain while asleep) but thanks to their genetics are strong, powerful and blessed with a natural ability to see in the dark.

Archae weaponry is fused within their very bodies. They contol all aspects of their physical and mechanical structure through a control panel built into their arms. (Final wapons yet to be decided)

Early sketches:
warning: be prepared for rubbish drawing!

and another

i’ll try and do some better ones tonight. But i’ll leave you with the first words of Crux as he awakes

“What awaits me, and greets my rotting eyes, within this New World?”

oh and remember… ancients FTW! (ooh hark at me going all L33T)


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