Dominance War II: medunecer


I’m in! Soon first sketches…


In the last two days I have started to have a more clear idea of my character. As the title says, she’s a smooth assassin, as smooth as silk; She does her job in silence, using such non conventional weapons as chemical and biological stuff. For now, I think she will not use any gun or rifle, but things like medical items. Below you can see the first early sketches…


…and this is the final version. More details to be added.


i think a small skirt (simple/smooth/metal) would look good on her, perhaps not even enough to cover up the crotch from that last angle


a backpack or something for that tube to go into wold be useful. also tou could place some more of those knives all over her, in case she throws some of them at the enemys.
the helmet looks kind of too simple compared to the body armor.



Thanks friends, useful advices!

zeke3d: really sexy with a skirt, but she’s an assassin and maybe a classic suit should work better.

nikudy: good idea! Back pack added! I’ll show you something about it soon!
Thanks again for the support!


Modeling stage started!


I think this will be the final shape f the character. It’s quite simply, and I’ll try to give more variations with texturing.


It looks like you have a really nice start laying down the geometry. I like her concept, it’s nice to see a character that doesn’t rely on Guns and traditional weapons, going for something more interesting. Those syringes look nasty, I’d hate to be her enemy!

Keep up the good work!


back with other sketches to define better the textures. I think I’ll have some ptoblems with normal mapping; this is my very first time with this technique!


really like the pose on the second sketch. the glowing green could be really cool.


Good start … i like the idea with the pet :thumbsup: … but you should hurry up … deadline is coming closer and closer :eek: … any updates yet? :slight_smile:


some updates. I’m not satisfied about the texturing; I think I’ll re make it from the principle. I’m new in texturing (and modeling) characters for games and I have to say that it’s really difficult! I have to learn a lot…!


i like your hand-painted textures a lot man! did you do any normal maps for this? the face looks a little flat but i really don’t mind it that much.


hey Quickel! Thanks for your encouragement, but, after another look at the works of you fellow colleagues, I’m remaking all the texturing work ( and maybe I’ll retouch some polygons too). All of you are doing a very high quality work and this push me to do much more! About normal maps: actually, I’m starting to study this technique right in these days, but I don’t think to use on this model (unfortunately), because I should work on the hi-poly model and I haven’t so much time!


I really like your texture work … espeacially on your armor.
How many tris you got so far … maybe you can add some details in the face area?

But please keep this state when you decide to retexture … i really like it.


Love the cartoony feel on this, how her weapon is equally as cartoony and also devastating…


Thanks friends.
ChrRambow: Unfortunately I finished my polygon budget, but I’m going to use some photos combined in PS for the face (as you did for your character).


Wow very nice face texture. But the side view of teh face seems a little weird. But I really like the way you paint the face.


If you are looking for good face and human referencef for your texture
you can take a look on … they got really nice one.