Dominance War II Local Rules and Issues


The way I’ve heard it, you’re not allowed to do cartoony characters, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do something fantastical. You’re allowed to use any of the maps they list in the brief, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to normal map if you don’t want to.


Anybody here have any idea when we’ll be seeing this “Big announcement” they’re talking about on the WIP entries page?


So I guess that’s a negative on there even being an announcement?


Well FredH said on the GameArtisans that he add the a judges button to the different team pages but I’m not sure if that’s it. The forum has been updated a bit though.


that is correct. ‘judges’ is the new announcement.


Hey I initially named my post incorrectly, like a noob:D … I tried to edit it but it still shows up wrong on the main page… how can I fix it?
My thread:


To follow up on this. Can we use an HDRI map for a environment reflection map?


Lets say i have the soldier riding a horse and then i have this huge sword and he has this incredible detailed shield…
In the end the weapon uses 500tris, the horse 2000tris, the char 3000tris, the shield 1000tris and then i get very confused with the polycount and decide to keep everything under 7000 tris, will i be crucified for doing this ?


So… By when is the exact closing time?

11:59 pm, 18th of March ? or

11:59 pm, 19th of March ?

Still confusing…~


I think it’s more likely you’ll be crucified for not making much sense but who am I to argue, I haven’t slept… :scream:
on a sidenote, your weapon and your shield have more than the allowed 1k tris for the equipment, but if eighter one of these is one with your character that’s fine.


coCoKNIght: tnx man, think i ll just leave everything under 6k and be a good citzen.


yes, please clarify the closing time and in which timezone, this things beign participated from india to the left coast


fyi, the internet’s great! lots of neat stuff you can find on it. :smiley:



bump, on the deadline issue, I’m considering booking monday off work (I have some holiday time to use up) but I’d like to know if I’d be able to use much of it for tweaking.


Can someone help me out here? I don’t understand this rigging stuff at all (I’m using max 8 by the way). So I have my bones all made but I don’t have any clue what to do next. :cry:

edit: and I should add, I was trying to follow the rigging tuts on 3dtotal but they are far from complete noob friendly

edit2: nevermind, I’ve got it now runs away



A quick (and maybe dumb) question: For the final model, do I just count the tris or do I have to also convert all the polys into tris?




if you get more tris after u triangulate, something is strange:scream: so the tri-count should be all that matters. But I have a simple follow-up question on that: is a triangulated wireframe preferred? or doesnt it matter at all?


Hey Fred, and others. I’m reaching the process of putting my renders onto the 800 x 900 px image size and I was wondering. Is this just the image limit or does every image need to be exactly 800 x 900? I know the thumbnail absolutely needs to be 128x128 but I was wondering if the same rule applies to the submission images. I’m just having issues fitting things intot he size…If I could make it like, 600 x 1000 or something maybe it would work better.

Anyways, just wanted to see if there was some wiggle room with that rule. Either way I’ll figure something out :slight_smile:



Just wanted to point out for the few who don’t know, that some of these questions have been addressed on the GameArtisans forum.

Also, there seems to be a perception that polycount is going do very well. Is this just a general impression or are there specific models over there that are rockin?


Is this still happening?