Dominance War II Local Rules and Issues


There you have it, The Dominance War II forum where you guys can post wips, get critique and feedback and whatnot.

it’s our own little playground to breed our shadows to bring the war on to the others.

so, post threads,

name them

Dominance War II: YourNameHere

for clarities sake.


also, don’t forget to go to to join up and post thumbs and such, read the brief and all that


I have a question, just saw on 3DT-Board that they are doing a logo for their shadows, i would recommend that we do the same!? :slight_smile:


good point. Rally the troops, lets get this going

(altho it really would have to be an incarnation of the atomlogo of cgtalk)


yes of course, but really using the original is not very creative :thumbsup:


Just thought I would mention, there has been a big rule update. Some people thought they could use old concepts because only the word model was used in the first sentence. here is the updated version:

- Feb 6th Update - No Old Models, textures, and Concepts! Everything must be created specifically for this contest!



some people … I would think people would know that is an unwritten rule at the very least (now a written one)

thanks for the update Fred


This might warrant a new thread?

Thumbnail/Finals Submission System is now activated!

To get your entry officially into Dominance War II, please press the join button on any of the Dominance War II pages.

Submitting Thumbnails is mandatory.

Additionally, There has been another new important rule update.

Feb 6th Update - This is a community building event. Creating forum threads and showing your work in progress is mandatory. Entries submitted without showing their work in progress will be disqualified. Entries who keep their work a secret until the last few days can potentially be disqualified.

Good Luck!


I got a question, to fight for cgsociety has to be a cgsociety member, or only been a cgtalk member is good?


CgTalk member is good enough.

It’s just the The whole community of cgtalk goes by the name of CgSociety, thats where the reference comes from :slight_smile:


Thanx for the quick answer Equinoxx


Hi Dimitris, it has been awhile. I thought I should warn you, thumbnail positions on never change on the view entry page, so it would be a shame if your art was not on page no.1 for the rest of the comp. You had best hurry and put one in to reserver your spot. I know you are a good artist, so I thought I should mention this:)

can we change the thumbnail image as we progress ?


yes, you can change it any time you want.


What if the weapon is on the character, can i push the model too 7k?


mashru --> Like metalpiss said

LEEBLEEB --> No you can’t. If your character doesn’t have a weapon, you loose the bonus 1000 polygons. If your character is heading in this direction, I suggest you use the extra 1000 for gadgets or perhaps even ammo becuase it would be a shame to waste the extra polies.


ok about that logo thing, we could think about something very creative, them we´ll put it on the shadow, like a mark or something like it, what do u think?


hi Fred, i noticed that some of thumbs changed position in all four galleries. is that a technical problem?


“Feel free to break this 2048 sheet into smaller sheets that add up to 2048 total. (example: 4x1024 = 2048)”
Does this mean I cam make a sepparate Leg UV of 1024 and the rest of the body UV 1024 even though they are all the same object? I use Max8 btw.


since i had a bit a hard time to find out everything this time i thought some might find this useful as well.


yeah some entries bump from top… weird…:shrug:

  • 1 x 2048 Color, Reflection Map, Specular, Specular Color Map, Normal Map, Bump Map, Opacity(transparency) Map, Glow map, and finally, Glossiness map.

Ok… so what does that mean actually? You got maximum one map of 2048 px and you can use it /or break it/ for some of these, or you got one 2048px map for any of these features which means 9 maps of 2048px ??

Sorry but my experience in game-ready models is quite… none :wink: