Dominance War II: Jay007


Decided to throw myself into the fire with this competition albeit a little late but hey.

Spent a little time throwing around some quick ideas and decided on the concept below(not the greatest drawing i know). The CGSociety theme got me thinking all heavenly and divine and decided to build a character based on that. Hes a type of Priest Warrior. Sort of floating Pose positions around as well but nothing for sure yet.

Anyway stay tuned for more.



Been working on the head and upper body in max just trying to achieve the general shape and form before taking it into mudbox.

Just wondered on what any methods you guys might have on the “skirt”, seeing as it will need to be posed would it still be wise to stick it into mudbox and apply creases etc for it only for it to be distorted after.

Heres the update C&C more than welcome.


Havent had much time to work on this lately but gonna start working on it alot from now on, I finished the base mesh started to flesh it out in Mudbox, very roguh so far. Started to to work on the Accesories which ive slightly varied from the initial concept and deciding to go with a more flamboyant piece attached to his back.

Anywhooo… heres the update.

Low Poly:


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