Dominance War II: Ill_Logic


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Character Info:

Dharmantaka Shadow
‘destroyer of gods’

An order of monks, the ancients have brought peace to their worlds and created utopian societies. The monks, having outlived their usefulness were put into a dormant state. But after provocation, they’ve awakened & it’s war. But the monks themselves are peaceful & could never personally harm another living being. That’s why they outsource their first offensive effort to a race they dubbed the ‘Dharmantaka.’

Coming from a harsh volcanic climate, the Dharmantaka have a physiology to match. Their core body temperatures match that of magma, their blood molten. Their shape is very similar to a humans, however they tend to be a bit lankier & their hands are gnarled into huge prehensile claws. While carbon based, their skin, the sheen of gun metal black is as dense as carbon nanotubes, their hides some of the strongest known organic materials in the universe. However, their lives are generally short & agonizing. With such an extreme body temperature, even their strong exteriors eventually break down & each Dharmantaka begins to burn out. Some carve holes in their own flesh to expose their molten interiors to the air & vent some of the heat, however this is just seen as delaying the inevitable. However when the monks converted these creatures, they saw a special niche for them in their hierarchy. That of steath & kamikaze missions.

Though their interiors cast a bit of orange glow, the Dharmantaka’s naturally black skin is perfect for melding with shadows. Their claws, both diamond-hard & superheated can penetrate nearly any material. They assist Dharmantaka in both scaling & moving along walls, but also In combat situations. Their natural agility & speed makes them incredibly dangerous adversaries, while their impenetrable skin is invulnerable to convential weaponry. And on the very unlikely chance that something does break Dharmantaka skin, their blood is molten & can cause collateral damage. The monks give the each Dharmantaka shadow body armor that can not only provide light shielding for energy attacks but also regulate their body temperatures. Also too, their armor relays information back to the Monks instanteously, for recon & scouting missions.

In some cases, such as this one, the monks will grant a Dharmantaka a weapon they call a ‘Sunyata Chakram’. A large disc shaped object, the chakram can serve many uses. Firstly, the Dharmantaka never actually has to even touch the chakram. It levitates on its own & moves through either the mental control of the Dharmantaka or through the limited control of the Monks watching the mission unfold. It has three distinct forms. One is as a rudementary mode of transport or levitation. The Dharmantaka can hop or hold on & avoid capture or flee if the situation warrants it. The second mode is as a ranged weapon & it can be used in two ways. Firstly the spinning chakram can fly around a battlefield like a discus & use its energy to dispatch enemies as such. Or the spinning elements inside the chakram can generate energy fields & fire concussive energy beams, distingrating any obstacles. However, the reasom many fear the Sunyata Chakram is its third mode. It can be brought to a location & ‘set’ much like explosives. However, instead of a blast, the whirling parts of the chakram start to draw inward & create an event horizon. As these forces increase, the chakram itself disappears & in its place is a black hole, capable of destroying as much as the monks wish it to.

Of course usually, the Dharmantaka that plants the chakram is usually one of the first to go, however their demise is quick & painless, as opposed to the agonizing slow decay of their physical bodies. And it is this reason that many Dharmantaka are eager to enlist. And why they are perfect for the job.

[Also, please note that if you’re coming from the dominance war entry page, that it says my name is kurocrash on there. i goofed & didn’t think when i created a login there but…


sorry for the confusion!]



The Dryad/plant chick sounds like a cool idea, maybe even make your demon sorta plantoid or something. I also say don’t give up on anything cyberpunkish you wanted to do. Though you might have to tone it down, I love that stuff haha.


Here is the same sort of deal but for that other idea I had. just some stealthy futuristic bits but some of these are pretty generic though along those lines.

[pic removed]

I kind of like the other one a little better, even though it’s more wrecking crew than stealth assassin type. i think the character fits the ‘shadow’ part nicer though, seeing as it’s a demon & all. Makes sense to me anyhow. Thoughts?

emysfit - thanks. i don’t really know how to combine their brief with the idea of it being cyberpunk. i mean i can certainly make it high tech, no problem there, but not cyberpunk. it doesn’t mesh real well with the category.



So I did this little scribble. Can’t decide between the two, but I’d kind of like to decide before I start sketching up a final concept. Both will probably be loaded with rather larger sized guns & glowing bits.

[pic removed]




Based on the scribble, the mecha marine does look a bit more visually interesting. However, I think that more detailed concept sketches are needed to make any kind of authoritative call on the subject. Or, barring that, a detailed description of the specifics of each design.

Of course, if you want to really show off, you could try for both in 6,000 tris… :smiley:


doing them both within 6000 would be easy, seeing as the one guy’s essentially a walking box. but it might get sketchy with the ‘one entry per contestant’ dealie. besides, the little backstories i have for each of them clash.
i usually involuntarily develop backstories for everything i do but i trying to keep away from this time. other contests, i devote a night here or there but then if i don’t finish i look back & regret the idea. but i have very basic ones:

the demon guy
a bruiser, last of a dying breed of demonic looking guys from a small moon, outsourced by the ‘ancient’ race because he’s tough, destructive, & most importantly expendible. i basically see him as a giant, demonic Rambo or telly suvalas in the dirty dozen. big, unruly, mean, killing machine. like a prisoner chucked out on the battlefield & told ‘ave at it’. and seeing as he’s not of the ‘ancients’ race, technically if he’s caught, it’s not directly linked back to them. In that sketch, he might not have come off as lanky as i’d like him. the orangy bits on the armor are gold leave and/or glowing designs (not necessarily runes or anything) also i’m thinking about exposing clawed feet to make him look more feral. also the way they interpret demon hair in the old mandalas & everything give it sort of a fiery quality so i was thinking about not giving him a head of flame, but hair that’s glowing or sing(e)ing & full of embers. but he definitely will carry around some ridiculously large weapons too. oh & maybe since he’s got three eyes, covering the one on the side with a patch leaving him with his other & the one in the forehead. cause i’ve never seen an three eyed person with an eye out.

the dryad
similarly, i free associated ‘ancient’ & thought of sequoias & redwoods & primordial forests for some reason. so here’s a dryad chick. maybe kind of like the outsourced idea from above but ‘grown’ for this purpose. aside from the treants in the lotr & the ancients in warcraft, you often see peaceful or even whimisical interpretations of tree people. But i haven’t seen one crawl into a thermoptic body suit & start garotting people, or painting targets for satellite blasts, etc… basically an elite operative, swift & agile. she’s good at hand to hand combat but often doesn’t even have to resort to it, instead using phermones & poisonous vapors to knock out or kill those around her (that are released in strategic vents in her arms, palms, or chest). and these certainly aren’t the colors i was looking to stick with. I was thinking a light body suit though, even if it isn’t conducive for spying. hell, she’s just that good. and i might keep up the ornate tibetan type of detail for her suit too, but i’d kind of like to keep her design a lot cleaner, but give her a lot of gadgets & maybe have some holograms float around her for info, weapon options, & maybe one of my original ideas of hard light shielding. oh & despite a greenish, ‘composty’ complexion, she’s got leaves & flower petals in her hair




well due to overwhelming response (:D), i’m just deciding to go with the tibetan thing, however i think i’m not going to play up the ‘space marine’ bit too much. maybe make him lankier, more feral, maybe even have him on all fours (or somewhere in between two & four legs). but something looking capable to rip the life out of something & yet still be capable of using a big gun.

concept sketch tomorrow at some point. sleep now.



Okay, I was joking before, but if you’re serious, I will present an angle you could use to justify doing both in a single entry.

Name: <guy’s name> and <girl’s name> OR Team <name>

This team of reconnaisance specialists are the classic “odd couple” of tactics. While one prefers a “smash-and-grab” approach, the other prefers more silent, stealthy infiltration. However, somehow, they check and balance each other beautifully, forming a deadly alliance that the enemy never sees coming… until it’s too late.

Granted, it’s probably not a bad idea to seek clarification at the DWII forums, but a single Shadow “unit”, should it be allowed, would be a great twist to your entry.


I’d say there seems to be a severe lack of female entries. Even though it’s tempting to go into the marine style, I’d say for the sake of being different, give us a female. Then again, that’s the only reason I’m doing mine.


Actually, I’ve noticed quite a few female entries… but I’m also keeping an eye out for them, given my own entry.


hey there

imagus - thanks but the team thing sounds way too much like a bad 80’s tv drama. the tibetan guy isn’t really robert wagner. thanks though.

nme-se7en - i noticed this too which was also why i was still considering her there for a while. there might not be that many females in the contest, however there are a bunch in my portfolio. so like i said, i’m going with a feral version of the demon above.



Still working on the details of the concept art but I was in a modeling mood today so I threw together just a real quick sort of proportional guide to show what I was talking about, with the lanky & feral stuff. He looks goofy at the moment without fangs, though. Here’s a couple of different screencapped angles.

[pic removed]

I did want to have him still able to use firearms but it might look a bit awkward at the moment. I was also tossing around the idea of little ‘kuado arms’ that could hold guns if need be. Also chucking around the idea of making him teleport & shadowmeld & stuff like that for the infiltration part of the shadow description.



How about making the big guy really big, to fit the demolisher aspect of the brief and make the girl like extra small and build like a little seat on the guys shoulder for her and make the backstory that he creates giant distractions of destruction while he sends his ‘little pet’ into tight spots to recover important items and/or assassinate key figures. I guess that might’ve been almost the same thing suggested earlier heh…I think either way you go would be good don’t worry about the ‘there’s more male entires than females’ or anything like that as I’d say in the end it won’t be too noticable of a difference…or matter.


I appreciate the suggestions for back story & how they go about doing their thing, but like I said, I’ve made up my mind & this is what I’m doing now & right now. I’m just looking to get opinions on it. I realize it’s not far along, but it’s a start.



you all thought i’d given up, right?

no but seriously, i was having computer issues, saw a lot of cool stuff being done with the war, got envious, then pissed, then… a little distracted. anyway things are once again operational & while i missed a lot of valuable time, i’m still going to make an effort. anyway here’s a new concept art sketch of what i have in mind to do.

same sort of deal as before but a chick. black diamond-like skin with claws & a body temperature close to that of magma (thus the glowing claws). she’s going to be stealthy & such, an expert at hand-to-hand fighting, but also, aside from the spying & recon, she can also plant a very destructive weapon (that i’ll hopefully get to later).

this initial sketch of her is very plain, i realize! but i plan to paint over certain details such as armor or third eyes or hair or clunky giant gloves, etc… once i get some sleep, i’ll post a few ideas, see what works, what doesn’t. till then…



if you probably haven’t noticed, i’m a rather indecisive person. i know it’s late in the game & i shouldn’t be messing around but i was interested in opinions of this character’s armor & surface details & such. since the inital model is fairly similar in all cases, i was hoping to get to work on that while waiting on opinons. here are the options:

  1. was just a warmup. it’s still rather lax on the details but i think i might end up using that hair. i see it kind of spiking like paine’s in ffx-2 (as much as i hated that game). anyway she might still be a little too simple here. the details on the suit would be iridescent.
  2. ended up kind of nunnish looking, when i was originally kind of going for a stormtrooper-y thing with the white armor. i really dig the little embossed orange details on the white but i don’t think it would work for this model in particular. i don’t know. oh & that’s supposed to be a hood that is extending up from underneath her neck gear. oh & that’s supposed to be one of those asian styled ropes you’d see outside temples in japan & things around her waist.
  3. is my favorite but i don’t know if i could get that ceramic/tech/translucency to the armor without spending a ton of time tweaking texture maps. also it maybe more tech than ancient. but i think i’d definitely change the hair & expose the toes.
  4. in retrospect, kind of reminds me of talim in the soul calibur series. i didn’t flesh it out much, but the gold streaks across parts of her were supposed to be gold strings wrapped around her.
  5. is closest to my original idea for this character, but the clunky armor is pictured black here as opposed to red. this is my second choice at the moment. all that orange on the armor are little engravings that glow through the armor. but it’d be hard to be stealthy with all that glowing… hmm

ultimately, as of right now, i’d think the final product would be something between 5 & 3, but i was hoping for feedback on the designs. feel free to kind of ‘mix & match’ too.

[back story moved to the first post, because it was ridiculously long & didn’t need to be here twice]

i vowed not to get into the back story, but yeah… couldn’t help it. so that’s the character, that’s the idea i have in mind. thoughts on which elements of those concepts i should put into use would be of great help! i appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance! more soon, time to get to modeling!!!



did a bit of modeling on the actual character but nothing worth showing just yet really. so i wanted to just post the idea of the chakram & a size relation to the character.

i see each of the circular parts rotating around the center independently, in different directions. the orange is for glow, just generic shaping here right now.

as for the model i’m sort of thinking about a mix of mostly 5 & 3, with the hair of 1. i’ll post a final soon.



i was about to give it up for the night when i took another look at the ideas & decided to go with something pretty close to the fifth one in the concepts. so here it is:

ok. more soon.



just a small modeling update.

i have the head & torso complete. the shoulders might seem broad but i’m modeling the arms straight out. i’d really like for them to have sort of like a feral slope to them but i’d like to have the basic anatomy figured out first then mess with it.
i’ve made several attempts at the arms & legs but i’m not satisfied with them just yet. but then again too it could just be from staring at it for so damn long lol the hair & armor are also each a work in progress at this point.
each shader thrown on it is just to kind of split it up & differentiate what part is what.

any anatomy comments facial comments? since i’m probably going to take it for some normal mapping later on, i didn’t include wires. next time!



went a little detail crazy to get the hair just right. we have 6000 polies to spend on the character, & some of this character’s details may be pretty simple later so right now the hair’s at 634 tris. i’ll optimize the hair seperately into one or two pieces if i’ve got the time but i think it was kind of an important identifying trait of the character so… bleh:

oh & don’t mind the wireframes, the hair does cover the head, & when i do optimize there will be no head underneath of course, but for right now i left it to get the shape right. just a little update i figured i’d post for right now. more soon.