Dominance war II: heavy infantry


Hi guys, here is my character for dominance war contest, he will be a very heavy infantry unit with a warhammer style.

The first images:

some early sketches

the blueprints of the nude character

and the first image of the armor:

I hope you like it. As usual, comments are welcome :slight_smile:


looking cool. not particularly shadowy tho :slight_smile:


he reminds me of kilowog from the green lantern corps with his head shaped like that. neat concept. pretty cool walking tank of a guy.
question though. if he’s going to be covered up in all that bulky armor, why the nude profiles? are you planning on modeling the whole body without the armor? I mean the armor is bulky & covers up a lot of that shape. it’s one thing to use it as reference for how the armor should sit once it’s on him, but to model the body in full & then model the armor on top for a game model seems like mispent time & polys.



Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Robert Fletcher: yeah… I was base my character in the brute strenght optional skills, like demolishing or heavy weapon specialist… and the result is this sort of orc. Anyway he will has a dwarf of a similar specie inside the turret of his back, and this dwarf will be the shrewd of this couple.

Ill_logic: I draw the nude profiles because I was want to define the character proportions before to dress him with the armor; If the proportions are correct after is much more easy to add the armor pieces and to get a consistent whole, moreover I was want to broke the armor and show the character body in some zones, for make a more asymmetrical model, but I think the time isn’t enough for make this…

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hi tucho!

Glad to see u here!

Good luck! :wink:


Hi Joan, the same to you :slight_smile:

And more images: the left side

and tomorrow the mysterious back side :wink:


Blueprints are done, now I will start the model :slight_smile:


Hey Tucho really cool stuff, can’t wait to see more.


hey, thanks a lot dsolo :smiley:

I start with the modelling, the time is very short :-S


Cool beginning tucho, cant wait to see more :slight_smile:


tx Joan :slight_smile:

another update:


This is looking great! I really like the concept art. Good luck!


Hye, looking already nice!

Like the streth of the whole design, he looks like a ´living´combat tank.
Good luck!


Nice update.

Looks as good as the concept :thumbsup:

Nothing to crit! Just keep going


thanks for your comments dmonk :slight_smile:

tommywan and jpons, my friends, good look for you too :smiley:

and another update:


Nice update!
You are coming on time! Once you take this to details in ZBrush, it´s gonna look great!
Keep on working, my friend, but save a couple of hours this sunny weekend to have a beer with us! :wink:


Looking great mate! the mesh looks very clean, it will look very cool once its finished :wink:


duplicate, pls erase :slight_smile:


Thanks again, tommy and joan :slight_smile:

more updates:

the base model is almost finished

I began to model the gunner


Wow, now that this is further along I truly see the potential. Great IDea and I am really enjoying seeing this evolve.