Dominance War II: erik_j


whuah, I’m late into this compo but I’m trying to get something done in time.
after some thumbnailing this is the kind of ‘ancient’ I’ve decided on.


right now working on a concept sketch of the person in question geared for war before I make some cool action illustration of him. (or maybe I should start modelling;:wink:


thats looking pretty sweet, i like it alot


Stylish ideas. I wait for development of the concept! :slight_smile:


ok so just got some more time to do this!
the armour is the alltime coolest material: …scifi…superceramics! like in spriggan or nausicaa and other. (and with platework of metal underneath since thin ceramics don’t work as it’d shatter and isn’t the least flexible)
so anything except brute blunt crushing force (or seismic charges >:-B) will be very ineffective… like bullets, lazer and even railguns will bounce off both because of ceramic material and the plow-like shape.

my idea of these ancients are that they are like almost twice as high as humans but still largely baring their resemblance (might be further developed brutha from anutha… solar system).
anyway they fight mostly with telekinesis so they don’t carry any large bulky weapons but are clad very much in full armour since they’ll be fighting everything from lesser human infantry to huge machines (anyone seen Samurai 7? proven to be absolutely doable!)
so they like grab flying dudes in the air with telekinesis and slam them into the ground or blow lines of human units into the air etc…
their ceramic armour is also like a weapon if you look at the sharply angled leg and arm-armament which’ll allow them to kick and bash through metal in close combat with big 3DTotal mechas and cyborg skum!

and notice the CGS colour scheme; red white and dark gray/black :-9
still considering if the hair is a bit silly and if I should use long red banners or something instead… I mean… a gust of fire and it’s gone x¨)
but then… they might be so superior that no one can get that close~ <;¨P pfhaha…
so gonna start modelling now ;-3
I came up with a cool design while doing the ortho-views reference:

outer upper leg-armour bulges out leaving an upside down coneish space which is used as javelin quivers! they’d need something more than telekinesis to seem not too unfeasibly overpowerful… so they like have halves of javelins strapped to each thigh which they can pull out, screw together (no IKEA tools needed) and they have a full length javelin to zap away! >8-B


puh! finally got all those details to look pretty cool.

so this is the underlying layer of armour of mostly metal but a bit of red carbon fiber alloy and white ceramics.
most of those seemingly useless holes and dents are for the outer layer of ceramics to attach to… I really thought this through… he won’t be limited even for athletics (even though that’s not what he’ll mainly be doing)…
heh, much of this will be covered and removed completely from the end model but I wanted to do this seriously and really think the whole armour through.
and no technonlogy what so ever. only the telekinesis thing which I hope suits these ancients.
I’m a bit concerned with the must-show-flesh rule as I plan only to show the face and not even that when he’s got his vicer down and jaw-viser up… but I mean, if you go to war with bare skin, someone will use fire and you’re toast so I hope the judges will take the whole concept in account… but then probably in the winning pose I’ll have the viser up and jaw-viser down to show the face…
I’m even hoping to finish in time x¨)


i like your concept a lot. now start modeling!
btw, i think you could make the shoulder look little more stronger and bring more asymetry somewhere.


ah yes, thanks for pointing that out! when I look at it now I see how the underlying nude lineart of the shoulder goes through the armour x¨/ will fix that proportion when modelling!
as for asymetry it’s a good idea!.. hopefully if I don’t get time for it, it’ll look good enough to be symetrical! (in any case, the ceramics will be chipped from blows in asymetrical ways)…


Heh Erik great shapes you have in your sketch. Start modeling already! As for my breaking the symmetry, perhaps tattoo on the face could work?


Really love this concept Erik. The armour looks really impressive at fits the ancient theme very well. The feet look great, almost like high heels which gives him an almost androgenous feel. I like the colour scheme a lot too. Simple but very striking.

Looking forward to seeing some geometry WIPs!


;~U there goes my ps3 flap flap flap flap… well… half time into compo and slowest person on earth I must convince myself I had no chance anyway…
but I’ll definately finish this soon anyway! (working on geometry)
now go CGTalk! x~0


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