Dominance War Extension - Deadline: March 26th 11:59p.m Eastern Time


As a new team in this war, CGSociety is making an impressive show of force, but will it be enough??

An additional 1 week extension has been given to allow artists to polish their entries for this year’s top rated game industry judges.

Recap on judges:
Tie Breaker Judge
Brom –

Dominance War II Judges (in alphabetical order)
Alfredo Chaves – Producer - Electronic Arts
Andrew Jones – Creative Director – Massive Black
Anthony Vrakotas – Art Director – DC Studios
Bas Uterwijk – Art Director - Guerrilla Games
Charlie Wen – Character Designer – Imagi
Daniel Dociu – Art Director – Arenanet
Dave Inscore – Art Director – Big Huge Games
Eduardo Gonzalez – Art Director - Threewave Software
Joby-Rome Otero – Art Director - Luxoflux / Activision
John Wu - Senior Artist/Concept - Sony Entertainment
Kenny Carvalho – Game Recruiter – Blizzard Entertainment
Kolby Jukes - Character Artist – Freelance Artist
Pascal Blanche - Art Director – Ubisoft
Seth Spaulding – Art Director - Firaxis Games
Stu Rose – Art Director - Cheyanne Mountain

The battle is extremely intense this year! Good Luck to all those engaged in this war. You now have an additional week to make your Shadows worthy of being part of the Ancients. Use this time wisely… because your enemies certainly will!

New Deadline:
[b]March 26th 11:59p.m US & Canada Eastern time



let me be the first of what will undoubtedly be several people thanking you, fred (and/or all responsible parties)!
i set a schedule but this weekend that fell apart because of other stuff going on. then again, i could have used it before slacking off.
regardless. thanks!



coolness, good news :thumbsup:



haha :smiley: awsome news. thank you.


Excellent news, and best of luck to all CGTalk entrants. :thumbsup: