doing life drawing with an apple pro tablet vs traditional sketchbook


I’m considering ditching the sketchbooks and replacing my pencils and markers with a portable tablet. Is this counter productive to life drawing? Is discontinuing my learning in traditional medium harming my digital drawings?


Not at all. Regardless of what medium you use, it’s the same set of eye-to-hand coordination that’s needed, and whatever skill you build with a chosen medium can be transferred to another medium relatively easy. Also, the foundation of visual art is the same for all visual artists regardless of medium.


Agreed. Although a tablet and stylus for me took some getting use too, in terms of their ‘mechanical’ functionality. Basically un-tactile implementation which initially lacked a certain spontaneity. However once I’d, as with everything practised a bit over a period of time, in due course grew in confidence until now I don’t bat an eyelid whether the tools are digital or analogue. Either drawing from life, nude models or land/cityscapes via the surrounding environment, so really both methodologies in my personal opinion actually kind of complement each other.



Thnx I wanted to avoid any future risk. I find my room much more cleaner without all the scrap paper everywhere. it’s a relief to draw on this thing. I can draw the same thing a thousand times over until I get it right and not have to worry about going to the store to buy more supply. Best investment.


A little offtopic? I have a wacom bamboo for years, haven’t replaced it, but I don’t draw as good with it as I do with a pencil and paper. I reckon it is very mechanic and sometimes the lines are not fluid and natural, they get some streaks, do you notice something like that on your apple tablet?



I still use Intuos 3 throughout these past few years (still haven’t replaced it because it still gets the job done for me or perhaps because it still hasn’t conked out yet) but I still use pencil and paper whenever I have to draw, especially making comics.

I still find it a little bit difficult to sketch something out using a pen tablet except when putting colors into my lineart. I think if you were to use a pen tablet and move it like dabbing it a bit on the surface of the tablet, that’s really not hard to do and you instantly learn how to use the pen tablet that way and it works really well. I guess Apple Ipad Pro or other pen tablets out there also works like that.



I guess this answer is a little bit late, but im still just in love with my ipad pro and apple. It is the only art tools I usually bring when traveling and it is such a nice tool!
Besides, people tend to be less likely to go up to you and hover if you work on a tablet :slight_smile: