Doing fire WETA style



I am required to create realistic fire WETA style using MAYA 6.5 Unlimited. I have a fair knowledge of Maya, and I’m aware of the “fire effect” in the Dynamics menu set. I have experimented with it, but found that I just couldn’t get the WETA effect. I came across a tutorial discussing the realistic fire, but it was written for True Space.

Anyway, I have several footage of fire with a black background. They are all in .mov format.

I decided to go with the sprites-idea, but I’m confused as to how to build op the scene using sprites. If I just assign the footage (seperate .tga files) to the sprites, they occlude eachother, and it just doesn’t look very impressive. How do I go on from here? How do I solve the alpha? Because black+black is the same? And how can I use it to texture the particles?

Is there a MAYA tutorial on the WETA fire? Or can someone redirect me, or explain this effect? Thank u in Advance!



What is the WETA effect you are after.


I think he refers to this one



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