Doing an Ivy generator in maxscript like the one of Thomas Luft.


NICE work guys ! keep it growing !
thanks for sharing.


Wow, this is pretty amazing and I was just in need of some Ivy for an architectural project a friend and I were working on.

I’ll have to take a look at the script work to see where I might be able to offer some suggestions, if any. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for developing this and sharing.



I know it’s been a while since I posted another update. Just wanted to say that project is still alive.

I have implemented the adhesion and collision routines in C++, and added support to the script to use the new functions. Vines now climb up the surface of objects, but it still needs a little more work.

The next release will be for Max9.0 on the 32-bit platform. Unless someone would like to recompile the plug-in for me?


I can do a Max 8 version and Max 9 64-bit version if you want me to. Just let me know…



as said above… :slight_smile:



Thank you very much guys. When I post the next release I’ll include the build projects for Visual Studio Express setup for 3D Studio Max 9 - 32bit. I hope this will be enough for you to post recompiled for the different versions of Max.

I do have the Max 7,8, and 9 of the SDK, but not the older VC to recompile them.

I hope to release the next build in a couple of days.


You can compile for Max 8 with VS2005, that’s what I’ve been doing with all of the old plugins I recently recompiled.



I was told and read in the manual that this was not recommended.


You just need to work around the Max_Mem stuff…
It doesn’t matter, when you post the stuff here, I’ll compile it for Max 8 for you.



This is VERY cool, will be keeping an eye on this thread :wink:


Very cool stuff in this thread! I have to testify that I’ve been working on a tree/branch generator myself, which will also be able to grow along surfaces.

Just thought I’d tip you about the Siggraph paper that the Thomas Luft program seem to be based on:Modeling Plants with Environment Sensitive Automata

Classic paper, and since it’s so old (in CG terms) it’s quite easy to read as well.

I also recommend the Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees paper, which has an excellent suggestion for parameters that could be used for tree generation. That paper was the basis for the Arbaro tree generator for POV-Ray.

There’s another POV-Ray tree generator that creates some amazing looking stuff. It’s called TOMTREE, and is freely downloadable. And finally, there’s a rather brilliant looking plugin for Lightwave called TreesDesigner. I am looking at ways of implementing a method of controlling tree growth similar to TreesDesigner.



first of all. thanks for the effort and kindness on sharing this.
i was curious about what´s going on with the script and if you´re havin difficulties making it stick to geometry.
congrats on your work


Hi people, my apologizes for not posting the latest update to Everything’s Vine. I was previously on vacation, and had lots of free time to work on the script but since then have returned to work. I’ve taken on new responsibilities at work, and this has caused me to be distracted and tired for the past 2 weeks. I hope to settle down into a normal routine soon.

On a related topic; I have also started construction of a new website that will be hosting these scripts and other people’s scripts. I wish to go live with the new website as soon as possible, but the wish list of features will take me some time to finish. I don’t want to make false promises, but I hope this new website will include features design exactly for MaxScript programmers and they should enjoy using the websites free services.

Hopefully, everything will settle down into a normal routine and I can put the finishing touches on this script. The next release of the script should be a release candidate and contain all the main features that were discussed.

Let’s hope for some I can pull away from things, and put the finishing touches on this over the weekend.

Thanks for waiting guys!


HI at all i’m new of this forum. I want to tell you that your work looks really impressive and promising. I’m an italian indie game developer, actually i’m working on a pc title and your solution seems to be very usefull for me. In our first alpha demo reel, we used some models created using the ivy generator from tomas, but we are experiencing some limitations using it…we can’t control the model complexity and his polycount!!!

We are using a 3rd generation engine, all the shadows and the lights are calculated in realtime via shaders support and then the polycount it’s very important. Anyway guys your works looks very promising and i would like to use it into our game project…obviously let me know if we can and how.

Look forward to see some other great looking stuff from you!!!


That sounds very cool!

Can you post some sample images of the ivy you created?


maybe offtopic…

did you try pickPoint to set the starting point of the ivy?


I’m back working on this project again.

There will be a new release for this script shortly.


This is a very cool script! Could you share with me how you changed the colors of the Rollout Floater? I have been searching for ways to do this, and can find nothing


Hi this is great! when do you think the animator section will be functional?


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