Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on artwork by Skottie Young.


Thought I’d share this guys… One of my rare posts here, this is Alice, it’s a 3D print-out of the main character for a survival-horror game I’m working on. Printed with a Makerbot Replicator 2 using PLA.


I did this portrait sculpt in ZBrush for a challenge at the late CGHub, then had it printed at Shapeways.

Nicholas Lee helped me take the photos.


Hello Guys

Here is some stuff i’ve worked on this last years

This is my first 3D printing project, a character designed by a friend of mine (

This is a character that i’ve designed and painted with citadel colours

This is a fanart of a Twi’lek from Star wars universe

The 3 projects have been fully done in Zbrush and printed with 3D system Projet 260c, and the size is all around 20cm
You can find more information on my website:!3d-printing/c1gdt

Hope you like it!


I just dusted off the ol Cube for a Valentines day surprise for my wife. The red waveform is a 3D print of me saying “I LOVE you”

Creating the waveform in 3D:

Great to see a 3D printing thread, cheers!


My engagement master plan:

[li]design the ring myself[/li][li]3D Print it[/li][li]… and propose to her on San Valentine’s :D[/li][/ul] The ring was printed in full silver and it has all the details sculpted, fantastic!

 Btw, she said YES!

Some pics from the ring, in silver and ABS + the zbrush model


This 3D print is going to be used as a template to create a bronze sculpture:)
Made in Zbrush


After we’ve set up our 2nd printer I’ve started testing it up.
First went gobbo bust made by Konrad:

  • it is one of the enlarged goblins from our KS campaign.

Also I found super cool model posted on “Dying Light” FB page and decided to print it as a bust too:

Kuba went slightly overboard with supports - but as those are attached to plain surfaces that’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to clean this model up.


Here is an elephant mug I made for my wife on our anniversary.


Hey guys, here are some of my latest prints. All can be downloaded for free from the MyMiniFactory website. Enjoy!







I am big into vedic culture and I am focusing on producing a line of 3D prints covering this ancient culture! I tried to get a good photo up but with a 97 kb limit how. How is every one else getting their photos up?


I’ve realize for my resume this character. i was find he is so cool design and for christmas i decide to make me a little present with this print.

he’s printed by a french compagny



I just made this tutorial on 3D printing with bronzefill or copperfill filament!


some old ones… done in sculptris and blender

hand painted with acrylic


A moebius cross printed in ss from shapeways

available here -


Modelled this a while back in sculptris… then printed with a form1 plus


a creepy crawly originally printed in transparent resin on Form1Plus

The creatures have big bulging eyes and a single proboscis for sucking up brain matter. They forage during the night and nest on the scalps of hapless homosapians. There is no known treatment for an infestation. They are surprisingly resilient against all known pharmaceuticals and topical treatments. Brain death follows within a week
after which all the bugs die except for one. This one now has control of the host’s central nervous system. The resulting zombie can be neutralised through decapitation.

This was a quick sculpting and texture painting exercise done entirely in Blender in one sitting.
I was fascinated with a new sculpting option called Dynatopo (Dynamic Topography) that creates new polygons as you sculpt… a big improvement over the old way of sculpting on an existing mesh.


cool, it would be great to design them with moving parts like an action figure


resolution is great


Awesome work in here! I thought I’d share a little video I recently completed showing an overview of a Creature to 3DPrint process:


I’ll share some other images, etc. soon!

Thanks guys,