Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Ultimaker 2 is good,

zortrax is also a really nice machine.


While we’ve been chatting in the workshop Konrad, our Zbrush sculptor, opened this topic and thought it would be cool if we show some of our works here :slight_smile: . So here’s a first shot:

we then cast those in either resin or metal:

… so they can be painted / gamed with etc :slight_smile:

We use a jewelry printers for those as we need super visual accuraccy and almost none post printing work.
The downside is that while our printer works great for small pieces (up to around 50mm) it gets expensive for larger ones as the print times get abysmal. At the moment I’m tweaking our new printer to handle slightly larger jobs. The first tests are promising - yesterday I got first production ready models from it.
Majority of our work is being done in Zbrush (by Konrad) and Rhino (by Kuba) with my occasional Modo plug.


I’m really getting into this light business :beer: Finished another model that will go for sale. It’s currently 22x22x29 cm and weighs around 0.5 kg. 3Wat LED inside. It looks quite unreal in real life, which I like a lot :wink: Printed at Materflow Oy


Hey guys!
Just posting my last piece.

The Venus **
Digital deformations over the original scanned/downloaded sculpture of the Venus di milo (Aphrodite). 3Dprinted and painted with spray.
When printed makes us think about our aesthetics standards nowadays.



So I decided to jump into 3D printing in 2015 and 3D world magazine has given me a column to take you on the journey with me. I’ll be doing a new project and sharing the process and model every month. First 3D Print was the quintessential accessory of the decade, an Iphone case. Follow along as it’s only going to get more complex from here on in.



It’s not my work, but our parent company (2K) is offering freely downloadable .STL files of all the characters and monsters from their latest game, “Evolve.”

Just wanted to pass it along. :wink:


Those are very nice looking characters. It’s like a more serious version of Borderlands characters.

2K should have launched an action figure line.

Hey if Call of Duty can have a MEGA-BLOKS line, right? Why not? :thumbsup:


I think they just did. :smiley: I mean, why bother with all that expensive molding and casting when you can let the customers do it themselves?


It looks pretty good. I’m also going to really take a close look at the Evacuation trailer tonight. The look and feel for this trailer is something that really interests me (Look! Bokeh!). :slight_smile:

On topic: I hope that guy who did the Yoshimitsu is doing the entire cast of EVOLVE. :slight_smile:


Custom Halo sword



That is one cool model.
Could you tell us a bit more about it.


Project where i’ve be turning illustrations from little prince into 3D prints (please note I’m very new to zbrush / solidworks, started nov 2014)


sheep, modelled in zbrush, again inspired by the little prince story.


My blood knight


Second project of my 2015 3D printing odyssey, a baby raptor bobble-head! Model comes free with this month’s issue of 3D World mag.


My first 3D Print. Sculpted in ZBrush, printed via Shapeways and painted.


Here is Visan, a character for 3D animation at Digipen Bilbao.

I had to repair and paste some parts with putty.


A few years back, I dabbled into the world of 3D scanning for the first time and trying to 3D print for a second time after my first attempt went horribly. I scanned my visiting grandmother using my Kinect and mostly self-taught myself into putting her together using Meshlab, Maya, and ZBrush. We were allowed to do almost whatever we wanted for our final class assignment, so I did this.


A ferret.
Sculpted entirely in ZBrush, printed by Shapeways.