Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Such impressive prints, really digging the smoothness on that print Chewy.

Davidfbarruz, the detail and composition is insane. Great work.

Where is everyone making their 3D prints these days? Is SW still the leader here or are there better low cost alternatives or does everyone have their own printer now?


I commissioned Factor31 to have my design 3D printed. The service is not cheap, but the turnaround time is fast! Ideally I would want to have my own 3D printer someday. :slight_smile:



Fabrelic is a new service that prints collectibles and hand paints them. That’s one of the collectibles


Here’s one of my early attempts at home 3d printing. Not pretty, but I’m getting cleaner prints each time. This is a 4.7" prop repurposed from my Hit-Girl character model from a bunch of years back. The biggest challenges here were the 0.1mm low res and the stubborn to remove supports. Given that this is on a $220 printer… not too shabby. Really wish I could find a better way to remove supports or even cleaner, less destructive supports. Cura’s killing me with their support structures. Even with pliers, a pen knife, and some sanding, those support areas never seem to come out fully/ :frowning: I could stomach the lower res in exchange for cleaner prints.


Here is the mascot I modeled for the upcoming B-Velta, a delta type 3d printer made in France (FDM 3d printer)

Made with ZBrush 4r8 using principally the brushes Move Topology, DamStandard and ClayBuildup.

Thinking to be printed without supports

Then Printed on UM2 with Wood and ngen filament.
Nozzle -> 0.6mm / LayerHeight -> 200µm
Total height : 18cm



I just finished this 3D printing project, took a lot of time and trial and error but I’m glad it’s finally done and I can go back to 3D stuff:


Fan Art + 3d Print Mode
Creation of Asuma Sarutobi’s Chakra Blades with a support.
Modelling with Zbrush 4R8.

Blades printed in PlaTec and Support with Easywood Birch from Formfutura. Prints were made with UM2, Nozzle 0.6 mm, Layer of 200µm.
Painted the blades with tamiya gun metal and Chrome Silver with brush (because of no more masking tape) .


Jesus this is good work.


Thanks, I was really glad to have it done, originally tried to get it done much sooner but I really hate sanding, but forced myself to setup a schedule to finish it off.


Fan modeling and print of the Kashira from Spirited Away Ghibli.

I used a 0.25mm nozzle with a layer height of 100μm on UM2.
The print is about 68mm and took about 7h30 with an infill at 0%.

I printed this with the Silk Filament from Biofila by TwoBears.

I added a little color in zbrush for fun :slight_smile:


Originally Posted by squidinc:er
It is such an amazing creature!!! I’ve never previously seen that before!!!Keep on!


I usually lurk, but a friend has pushed me to post here. A hobby project of mine is to 3d print weird mutant skulls. The project started out as anatomy and and general Zbrush practice but I realize I could get a little more out of them if I made each bit of practice into something a little different. I sculpt in 4r8 from photo reference or some model reference if I’m really having trouble figuring out where those nose bones go (like the interior of the t-rex skull). For printing I’ve been using i.materialize - I find they have fairly good quality with the SLS material compared to others and I’m trying to keep costs down. My dream is to get to the point where I can make and cast a garage kit of some sort and to get my own formlab2.


That is the print or the cg model?
lol I can’t tell.
I left CG to go back to traditional, and after fine tuning my traditional skills I am going back to digital.
Clay is ok but digital would allow me to do elaborate figure work (I balked at it because it didnt seem so detailed as I would like ten years ago, but now it should be).


Ok I am going to spotlight work…
Post up people.


I’m thrilled to see the enthusiasm for sharing 3D printing creations! It’s a fantastic idea to create a space where we can all display our work and inspire each other. While I can’t directly post images here, I’d be more than happy to describe some of the pieces I’ve been working on.

Lately, I’ve been diving into intricate tabletop gaming figurines. The level of detail that 3D printing allows is simply incredible. I’ve experimented with different types of filaments, trying to achieve the perfect balance between durability and detail. It’s been quite the learning experience, and I’m excited to see the results.

I’m also interested in learning about the projects you all have been working on. The possibilities with 3D printing seem endless, from art pieces to functional objects. It’s amazing how this technology has opened up new avenues for creativity.

RobertoOrtiz, your idea to advocate for more support for 3D printing projects sounds fantastic. With the right encouragement, who knows what groundbreaking creations could come out of this community?

Looking forward to seeing more of your work and hearing about others’ experiences with 3D printing!

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I’m excited to see your 3D printed pieces! It’s always inspiring to see how artists and creators are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this medium. Looking forward to the ‘glass’ gallery you mentioned – let’s showcase the brilliance of glass in our creations!


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