Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


The problem when we buying objects is that it still lacks something.
So I printed a Game and Watch cover in PlaTec from Biofila by TwoBears :slight_smile:

UM2 / Bondtech feeder / Olssen Block / Nozzle 0.5 / Layer Height 100µm


This thing printed with a defect (the extruder jammed, so I swapped in another extruder that was full of some weird black stuff). I put the mesh up for free on CGtrader -> .

Needed something to put in this pretty box, so I made a city. Keyshot render came out a bit weird - I think it was because of a ZBrush subdividing bug. Also, lesson learned: when a Makerbot tries to print a number of distinct vertical pieces at once, it’ll produce lots of noise on the edges.


For the 20 years of Pokemon I wondered what I could do… And then I found this little idea ^^
Modeling of a Pokeball with ZBrush and 3D Printing on UM2 with Easywood filaments Ceddar / Ebony / Pin / Birch / Olive from Formfutura.


Here is my last big print!!

3d modeled in ZBrush, 3d printed with UM2, and painted with airbrush.

Turn from ZBrush ->

For the teddy, I printed it in only one piece… It took 72h with supports everywhere :slight_smile:

Then after removing all the supports

And to finish, sanding by hand, painting with airbrush and a little shoot to present it


I have adapted one of the Iron Sky Valkyrie models for 3D printing. This is derived from an actual 3D file from the film and is very accurate to the film version, other than some thickening of the guns to make them viable for 3D printing.

My name is Trevor K Baylis and I was an original VFX artist for the film Iron Sky 2012 and Iron Sky Director’s Cut version.

The Valkyrie UFO was developed by a number of modelers based on the art direction of Jussi Lehtiniemi. These modelers at least include Lassi Aalto, Janne Suhonen, Seb Barquin and myself whilst developing it for the Hangar scene in the Director’s Cut version.


Few pics of my WIPS prints from my Form2. They will soon be molded and cast.


Hello guys!

I’d like to introduce my special character - Horky.
It was printed in FDM technology.

Printing timelapse (30 hours)

You can follow my work on:



Latest 3D print, 8 inch of a FormLabs Form 2 Printer.


Here is one of my 3D prints.

Mech 1


Recently I teamed up with Jure Cukar (, a great model painter, to bring some of my work into the real world! I was really excited to see how Turtago ( would come out and it did not disappoint! It’s amazing to see the render become a reality! Hope you dig the end result as much as I do!
Printed on Ultimaker 2 and then painted


Hi mates

This is the 3d printing from one of the last works of my digital sculpting studio.
We hope you like it!


Fantastic model you have there David, I love his gesture :wink:


Very nice work in here, people. :)*I just got my 3d printer and am beginning to work out the kinks. I’ll definitely post my stuff here when I’ve got something to show.


Made this character with a few animations-

Can see the animations on my instagram (m_stpwtch) or vimeo (

Here he is 3d printed!



I do a lot of Heroclix play… so i’ve been sculpting my own pieces in Mudbox and using shapeways to print. the hand painting at such a small scale is difficult but so far so good.

the shocker figure is one from the actual game… i put it in just for comparison.


Road to a form2


Sinistar pendants in steel alloy, and a little Galaga pendant

REZ, articulated steel alloy sculpt, WIP

A familiar scene

F35-Turkey in ceramic

REZ render (see above)

Some steel alloy / acrylic odds and ends


This is a fascinating thread and it’s amazing…simply amazing what is going on…what you guys are doing with the technology. Very, very cool.


My latest 3D print design created for the Pinshape Design Your Future Avatar contest. The design is meant to be printed via SLA/DLP due to the high detail. I decided to not hollow out the model since this would restrict the size that the design could be printed. However, it is definitely recommended to do so before printing. Adjust wall thickness as needed and don’t forget those drain holes!

Design is FREE to download! All I ask is to click the like button. Not much to ask for in return. So far I’ve had a bunch of downloads yet only 5 likes :sad: