Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Great prints guys!
I had the luck that I could lend a printer for a while.

Here is a spaceship I sculpted a while ago.
Its printed at 100 microns, 21cm long and printed with PLA.

Some tree / head sculpt.
Printed in PLA at 50 or 100 microns and is 14cm tall.

Its 8cm tall and printed with some flexible kind of ABS. The material was hard to clean up so its a bit rough. It had to be printed upside down so on the back was the support.


Hey, grat works here!

Here is a Quick model to be printed in PLA probably, about 5cm tall. Concept art by Titania Blesh, modeled by me (Riccardo Bancone)! Polypainted just for fun!



That is awesome!


hi everyone. here is the 3d print of character from animation project ‘matter of time’
PLA 100 mkm. 5 parts. 26 sm. acrylic paint


Hello there
This is my last job: designed in Zbrush, 3D printed in a SLA printer, casted with silicon moulds and reproduced in resin.
Hope you like it!
See more pics at my project or at


Hi Everyone,
I would like to share a piece that I worked on in recent weeks. It was based on a personal design as a part of the self-initiated college work.
He is printed in simple plastic and measuring 20cm tall, ordered from Sculpteo.


Wife and kids as actionfigures, printed in ABS

After vaporizing:

And solo:


Over Christmas as a present I sculpted and 3D printed the moon caught in a lasso. This was the first model I modeled from the offset with prototyping in mind. Sculpted in Zbrush and made hollow so as to reduce material wastage and print time. Additionally I used Autodesk Mesh mixer to analyze for problematic overhang areas and to create print support structures accordingly! Thanks to for their awesome rope brush.

the final 3D print - White PLA - print time 10 hours on a CEL ROBOX


[left]Shaun Whoriskey



I’m doing 3D character model for my game, and decided to try out 3D printing. It turns out, pretty pathetic.
Took me few hours to clean up support mess. This is PLA

I’m going to paint it using Poster Paint. Not sure if it’ll looks good / neat.

And here’s 3D version


I’ve been making/selling pendant jewelry out of PLA plastic. Modeled in 3DS Max and optimized in Zbrush.

Printed with an Ultimaker 2 (which I’m seriously disappointed in since they promised dual head last year and appear to have abandoned their promise. Really limits my options.)

Here’s a writeup on the process:


Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on my own concept.


How do you find it for merging complex meshes? Is there any other software you could recommend for it?


Hello everyone,
Here is a 3D Printing of a Train I made for a Birth Gift.
78 pieces were printed.
Here the filaments I used:
Formfutura - 3D printer filaments EasyWooD Coconut ( 7pièces ) , Olive ( 8 pieces) , Ebony ( 49 pieces ) and Colorfabb ngen Silver Metallic ( 14 pieces).

Modeling with Pixologic ZBrush 4R7 and the ZModeler

Printing details:
Slicing with Cura
Ultimaker UM2 + Olssen Block
EasyWooD : Nozzle 1mm, Layer Height 0.1mm , Speed 30mm/s, Filling 100 %
Ngen : Nozzle 0.4mm , Layer Height 0.1mm, Speed 40mm/s, Filling 100%

Sanding Project :

Varnish Coating :


Hi Everyone,

I just finished this 19 hour print of my character sculpt.

Here is my profile link with the renders and more pictures and info of the print.




Hi guys I start experimenting with Formlab 1+

About 1 inch height


This is really cool



Hi everyone,
Work done for the Club Alpha - Maquettiste / Modelisme.
I reproduce their mascot present on their logo in 3d with ZBrush and 3d printed with UM2.

Layer : 0.1mm

Nozzles used : Head/Hair - Hands -> 0.15mm
Arms - Legs - Brush - Shield -> 0.6mm
Bust -> 1mm

Brush Size : 16cm

A short video with a turn of 3d model with assembly + exploded version.




Wanted to share my Rick Sanches print. about 20-25 cm high. took about 25 h print.

polished with a dirty green paint brush.


Not so far ago i was lucky to work on collection model based on family fantastic film Bobot

more then 30 parts. 0,1mm layer height. 7 days of 3d printing