Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


This might be of interest:
Cold Casting your 3D Prints


Hi guys!
Its one of the first jewelry i made and print on shapeways,
i hope you like it :)))
Its made from polished brass.
i just open smal stempunk design shop for more inforamtion check my facebook:)



Here’s a new model I had printed that I will be giving away on my YouTube channel. It was modeled in LightWave and printed at Shapeways in steel. It was intended to be a pendant or keychain but after seeing it I think it’s a little large for that but it could still look nice sitting on a desk or dangling from a backpack.


printed and painted,


Just bought some alligator clips, wood screws, and a length of wood to put together a painting station for my 3d prints to make it easier to apply spray on primer to multiple parts at once. First toy through is Scratch the cat from the comic book Scratch 9.

The turnaround shot is of him loosely assembled without glue and propped up just long enough for a couple photos.

I won’t be painting him, client just needed the parts for mold making/casting and the primer helps with that as well as make the figure look better as I only have transparent resin for my printer at the moment.


That looks amazing.
Have you ever made any other Destiny weapons?
I am a member of a 1/6th forum and people there would likely be interested in getting 1/6th replicas of the exotics/legendaries printed out.
I know i’d love to get a 1/6 Sleeper Simulant, Telesto, and most of the newer Omolon weapons. Might be worth considering if you’re already a Destiny fan.


For Valhalla! Working on some toys from another artist, concept by Fred Gago and Sculpt by Andrae Harrison. Once again this is printed on the Pegasus Touch 3d printer.


This might be of interest:
Sorry, Hair Club—We Can Finally 3D-Print Hair


still working on this, used apoxy to fill in some holes in the print and along the seem between the two halves. I’m having issues with sanding though…the back of this print looks a bit rough as I had issues removing the supports cleanly. Anyone have sanding tips for miniatures/3d prints?


its not sanded or painted yet.


Here’s the prototype for Andrew Bell’s “Last Knight”. I sculpted it using ZBrush and 3ds Max, and it was printed on an EnvisionTec.

This guy just won “Toy of the Year” at the annual Clutter designer toy awards!


He won toy of the year, sheesh questions my slow ass :frowning:


bird mask 3d print by daniel keating, on Flickr

This is the completely unpolished print - it’s big enough to wear


These aren’t my newest prints, but I wanted to share!
The Dragon Rook was printed on a Form 1 and the Hulk on a Replicator 2.
The models on sketchfab are really high poly, so they will take a while to load :slight_smile:




Hey Tom!
As always great work!


Thanks Roberto!


Here is a T. Rex I designed to test the full colour material, printed by Shapeways:


This statue of Selina Kyle transformation in Catwoman


I was commissioned to make the sculpts that ware later made into these big sculptures-it’s always great to see your work cast and made into such big things! :slight_smile:


this is my custom tiny figure of batman hope you like it! :shrug: