Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Here are some things I made for dota2 that I had printed out on a form1+ (using to find someone with one) to bring with me to the international this year.

concept by Kyle Cornelius-

concept by Daniel Lucanu-

I’m hoping to create a lineup of my own limited edition figures, started a patreon for it but I don’t think this kind of ‘pre-order’ thing works for most people :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m currently waiting on ownage to print out this one/ working on my next design.


A print I just finished painting.


Digitally sculpted, rapid-prototyped and reproduced in vinyl. Designed by Amanda Louise Spayd.


Hi everyone,

Recently my partners and I completed fulfillment of an indiegogo campaign we did. The project was called Painting Budddha Shares: Black Betty. We made a 75 scale miniature for collectors and miniature painters. Here’s some images:

2D concept, I designed her partly in 3D so the 2D keyart for her kept evolving with the sculpt.

Here’s a render in keyshot of the sculpt completed.

The master print done by the great folks at Ownage.

I made a minicomic along with lots of additional art for the backers. You can find the .pdf for the comic here:
Black Betty Mini Comic PDF

Here’s a picture of one of the casts of the final unpainted Kit.

While we were working on completing production the great guys at Junction 3D used Betty to show off the capabilities of their Solus 3D Printer. This version of her was printed at only 45mm (1.7 inches) and so much of the detail still held up. I was very impressed when I was later able to hold the piece and inspect it closely. You can find out more about the printer here:

Junction 3D Solus Printer


Most of my 3D Printed work is jewellery, of which I have a ton of stuff. Not sure if people really want to see that here, though, so I’m posting something I made quite a while ago. This is a brass magnifying glass that I purchased years ago and then I added my own 3D designed decoration to it; a Full Color Sandstone (from Shapeways) half-globe showing the western seaboard of the US, and more specifically, California.


…and another non-jewellery item, this is Little Dedo the Gargoyle. Based on a sculpture which is in itself based off a story about (from Wikipedia) a small gargoyle with pointy ears and human-like feet on the Notre Dame Cathedral.

When the cathedral was built in 1160, the story says that a nun from a tiny convent in Provence, who disliked the menacing gargoyles that were put on top of the building to ward off evil spirits, disguised herself as a workman, gained entrance to the work site and quickly carved the sculpture from a small block before placing it on the highest roof.

The gargoyle was undiscovered for centuries until a small boy, lost in the labyrinthine structure, stumbled off a ledge and rolled down a roof into the arms of the gargoyle. Since its rediscovery, the creature has been affectionately known as Little Dedo, the gargoyle with the crossed toes.

People with kids tend to keep a statue of this gargoyle around their house in the hope that it will protect their children.


I bought a M3D Micro not too long ago. I have been printing some of my models but the results aren’t great. I have been using Simplify3d software and importing the gcode into M3D print spooler. I don’t know if it’s the printer that doesn’t give me very smooth results or maybe I just am not doing it correctly? What do you folks think? Do I just need to find better settings within the software or is it my printer?


Destiny’s ‘Telesto’ fusion rifle just released in The Taken King. Will be printing on a delta printer once I’ve finished putting it together, though some parts will be made at shapeways in FUD. My first proper foray into hard surface modelling of props.


My recent 3D prints !


We at our studio are making 3D printed dolls!


Good… now go make the Sleeper Simulant… having one will make you the envy of all Destiny players!

You can even paint it really realistic-like… and then you make a YouTube video… dressed up as a Guardian… and you taunt the Destiny community:

“I don’t know why everybody’s wonderin’ where the Sleeper Simulant is. I know exactly where it can be found. Right here with me.”

Shows physical Sleeper Simulant.

“Now die of envy, suckas…” :stuck_out_tongue:

@AlexYaremchuck: Those are very nice animal figures!


I was thinking as much. I just worry it’d fall it bits and be barrel heavy to the point of insanity. Ah well, Try I must. So has it been commanded.



Yeah, I was looking at it as a kind of “design study”. And I was like: “This is one of those guns that clearly looks like a video game/fantasy weapon.”

You might need to do a special build where you actually have a “skeleton” of sorts (think: Fishbone skeleton… just an aluminum long rod and one branch going down to support the handle and another branch going down to support the magazine, etc.) and the ABS bits are "punched through so they actually hang/stick to this skeleton. the skeleton would be the “load-bearing” structure basically.

Hehehe… I’m sorry… I seem to have given you more work. But I was just thinking what a great troll it would be to actually have a Sleeper Simulant when nobody has found one yet - in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re good with VFX you can even make a video where you fire the weapon… Plus it has affinity with Destiny since Bungie loves using live action trailers. :slight_smile:


Oooooh… looks like someone has thought of the same thing:


Hi everybody, I just wanted to show you my latest project. This is a little part of a future porcelain set. I hope you like it.


Velociraptor printed in two halves on an Ultimaker 2


I recently finished this 3d printed costume project.

Sculpt - Aiman Akhtar, Photography - Greg de Stefano, model - Jessica dru Johnson, Hair - Ruby McNeil, makeup - Sonia Cabrera, 3D scanning - Cokreeate, Fiber optics - Ants on a Melon, and my assistant in everything Hwa-ryong Kim. Printed on my Form1+, Shapeways and 3D Hubs: XYZ Limitless.




    Wow, its been a while since I posted here, time flies.  
    I'm a ten year veteran of the game industry, working as a generalist 2d/3d artist.
    For the last 10 years though, I have been working on modular, 3d printable human powered exo-frames. 
Inspired by the already impressive human frame, my exoskeleton design follows as closely as possible human mechanics and locomotion.
    But when you get right down to it, I have designed fancy pogo sticks you can wear.
    My first working prototype has just rolled off the assembly line, (my 1000 dollar printer.)  

    Medium term objectives include full leg versions and athlete performance testing by this spring if I can get funding, and full body suit by 2017.
    You can check out the promo video here;
    Website with general info and images;
    Thanks for looking, please ask away should you have any questions!


So what does the exoframe do? Is it meant to reduce the stresses on the human body caused by walking, running, jumping?

Is there some theory about the layout of the elastic maybe? You seem to have it in some strategic places and it seems you plan to do this all throughout the body.


Yes, it cushions the forces involved when running or jumping, but the main reason I am developing this is to store energy and release it during the gait cycle. Amplifying running and jumping are the main goals.

The harder you jump or push down, like with a trampoline or pogo stick, the more energy is returned. Thanks to the stiff chassis, one can use a lot of rebound material and pre-tension it as well, without applying force to your body. The energy is generated and stored in the frame, not your body. The energy will retourn into the body of course, but the leverage points are the ground and the stiff frame. This is designed to return the energy into the body in places like the heel, for example.