Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Thank you! Yes, they are recessed, however i can not take any more pictures, because i no longer have the model with me, sorry.



Michael5188’s vase is nice.

tủ lạnh mini
điện lạnh thanh sơn


I just finished a bronze casting class in Seattle. I cast a few of my 3d prints. One was done with lost wax and the other was a lost PLA casting.


Hey everyone,

I just 3D printed the Knights from Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, comparing the difference between their low poly and ultra low poly architecture.

Check it out:




Very cool stuff!

Simplify3D’s custom supports will help eliminate the need to create all of those annoying supports in the model. Certainly a piece of software I never had regrets buying, and one I recommend to every FDM platform owner.


+1 for Simplify3D! V3 is fantastic and it can handle huge models. I was slicing undecimated scan data without any problems whereas all the other slicers needed heavily decimated meshes or else they would crash.


I’ll check it out, but I do want to showcase that it can be done with free software such as Mesh Mixer.


I am beyond excited to have the Centaur manufactured by Ownage. They did an amazing job on production, and blew away any expectations I could have possible had. I will also post further updates on slicing and fitting parts for 3D printing.

The 7 inch kit is available at


Hi guys! I want to share with you my Wippo resin toy that I have created two years ago in collaboration with Circus Posterus.
Wippo base model was created with The Foundry, Modo. We made a mold based on the 3D model and we produced 100 pieces. Each one was then hand painted.

3D illustration.

Unpainted figure.

Painted figures.



I love them, they look great! Very nice paint job.


These look fantastic! Great job.


Just printed an anatomy study from Scott Eaton’s course


Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on my own concept.


Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on my own concept.


Take my money!


40mm Grenades that separate as containers. You can mix and match the different type of warheads on the end.

Demon trophy wall mount:

Very small early version:

Picture of early version of the sculpt (can’t find one of the final):


Some stuff

Bottom one scanned kids with kinect, trex scull from thingiverse, fishing reel and that dude my old models. Printed with Cel Robox


Is anyone running into resolution issues? I’m finding many 3d printers to lack resolutions needed to get clean pieces. I know there are workflows with acetone vapor to smooth out your prints but does anyone else have any good recommendations on printers. The ones I found that looked the best were the resin printers such as Form 1+. Anything thats a bit easier on the wallet?


^ if you’re shopping around at the lowerrr… end of the scale, then Dremel’s offering which has just hit the shelves at $999 retail, apparently afaik in stock via specific hardware store chains, might be worth a look.


Hi mates!

Here is my work for 3dprinting
Hope you like it!

Artstation Portfolio
3D interactive model at Sketchfab