Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


Here is an update on my 3d print project.
I have been commissioned to do 3 more figures.
First an update on the past of my past figures.
Here are the latest print I have of Tesla, Edison and Carver.
I am having problems with the quality of the Cube 3d Printer that we are required to use at work.
We are developing these prints for schools with low quality 3d printers (like the Cube 3d) and another requirement is to print WITH NO supports.

You can see the results on the pics. any tips on how to optimize them would be appreciated.
I am working on three more new designs . I will upload the drawings of new designs tonight.


Take a look at this interview with Jose Alves Da Silva and the characters he designed for Makerbot.

He covers a lot of good principles for printing without supports. Granted, his models require assembly, but the principles still stay the same :slight_smile:

edit - Some more info :


3d printed something for the first time recently, mainly out of curiosity and so I could add 3d print design to the skills in my portfolio. :wink:
Quite pleased on how it turned out, Shapeways did a great job:


We bought an Ultimaker 2 to help out printing costumes for a short film we were making.

Helmet and bandolier/weapons were 3D printed (the helmet was printed in sections, glued together and cleaned up, then a mold made with a PU Rubber copy made.


You should post updates on our Ip club, We could help promote it and provide feedback.
IP Incubator Club Thread 2015: Monthly-027 April 2015


That’s really cool Steve! Well, it’s cripplingly nerdy but that’s what makes it really cool :smiley:


Hah, cheers Alex, yeah we made a short Dredd fan film and were asked by the creator of Dredd if we’d take a crack at Strontium Dog.

Roberto - I don’t know if it’s suitable for the IP thread - the character isn’t our original IP, just something we’re having fun with.

We’re not really posting updates, as it would act as spoilers for what’s only going to be a 10-12 minute short.

Thanks though.




Great job :slight_smile: what material did you choose? :thumbsup:


Thanks IdeasUnlimited! :beer:

The material was Strong and Flexible White Polished .
This material finish is really good, I can only see some steps around areas that are hard to get to, like the underside of the hat or the inside of the pumpkin. Everywhere else it’s pretty much smooth.


Thanks thought it could be detailed plastic :keenly:


On my mini factory as part of there valentine competition I entered. Grab yourself a free Cthulhu brooch, valentine bracelet or Skull hair pin!!! the more downloads I get I may have a chance of winning my own B9 3D Printer
Grab one now !!


I wish this was mine. not sure if this should be sacrilege or not.

link to article:


Waiting for this critter to get back from Shapeways! :smiley:


A small update I have a painted version of Cthulhu get your free download here would love to see peoples versions :slight_smile:

and a painted version of the predator ring here


here is Azzar’hi from Aleksi Briclot Concept i’ve Sculpted for my Company:

it’s a 3D print prototype for a kickstarter project ( )

you can see other pics on this thread :


Azzar’Hi looks like this Witchblade/Lady Death crossover thing. Looks fantastic.


Hi there,

I’ve been doing 3D print projects for some time now. Here’s a recent one. The print below was done by my client who has been working on his own board game for several years now and I’ve done several minis for it. Kingdom Death

Sculpting Milkshake The Cat (Video)

More pics and info on 3D projects I’ve worked on can also be found here:

Hec’s fb page

 That's awesome! The details came through really nicely. Makes me wish for a cool new Cthulhu game.
 Here are some of the things I've been working on. A couple are Bloodborne inspired.



Hi guys !!
This was my first 3d printed model ever and I had a blast working on this,
The materials used to 3d print it were brass and then it was gold plated.


Ps: my favorite 3d printer in the market is the formlabs Form 1!!



Thanks we love DarkSouls havent played Bloodbourne yet but loving it :slight_smile: Glad you like Cthulhu we will be doing a new varient soon and we have some new designs coming soon