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This is an International Harvester model H 542-11, military designation M 426, a WWII 5-ton hauler that saw a lot of civilian use after the war. I did 2 civilian cabs as well as an extended 3 axle frame, as the vehicle had several common military and commercial variations and customizations. It is done for S scale (1/64th), so the 2 axle frame is 80mm, the tandem axle is about 100mm ~4 inches. The client sells this as assembled and painted model. Here is a link to the initial ZBrush part designs. The 3D prototype prints- the metal castings, and the assembled and painted models are linked in the top paragraph.



Awesome demo by Paul Braddock. :buttrock:


Here is a parts system developed for S Scale (1/64th) truck models allowing for interchangeable parts and rapid expansion of the line. The prints are molded in silicone and cast in pewter. The client assembles and paints the pieces and sells them as finished models, however I think small scale enthusiasts would probably like them in kit form as well.
The client uses plastic hubs with rubber wheels about 17mm in diameter that screw on to metal threaded axles about 2mm in diameter, so they do roll, I have a 5th wheel that accepts the little trailer king pin, and he has a lot of different trailers, mostly plastic, that he bought from old scale model and toy companies. Most S Scale (~Matchbox or Hot wheels size) cabs and tractors are die cast, which is very expensive and hard to customize. With silicone molds and pewter casting, the molding cost is a fraction of diecast and a lot quicker. The prototyper uses an EnvisionTec DLP type printer which costs well into 6 figures, but gives very detailed consistent results with no discernable strata and easy to clean scaffolding.


This figurine is a multipiece pewter kit scaled at 35mm, which sizes it assembled at about 57mm from base bottom to wing tips. Designed in ZBrush.


All printed with a Makerbot 2. Good times.


Hey Guys just wanted to post some images of some of the garage kits I recently created using Zbrush. These were 3d printed with the Form1+ for monsterpalooza 2015
you can see more image and paintjobs on those bust here


Made a 3D printed rubber band raygun for this month’s issue of 3D World mag, can shoot 6-7 bands in quick succession. Lots of Keying, ZBrush booleans and trial and error.




Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on my own concept.


Greetings all,

Just sharing my latest 3D printed piece. Modeled in Maya and sculpted in Zbrush. Printed at Shapeways in plated 18k Gold.

I mainly do jewelry, but also work on other non-jewelry related things like this fully posable little robot-guy with snap-fit joints. It’s still in testing phase and is intended to be wired with LEDs batteries and a switch. Modeled in Maya and printed in Strong and Flexible nylon at Shapeways.


Joining the party:


Predator Ring

Download it free from here !!!

Skull pin / Brooch

Cthulhu Pendant



I was able to print furniture for chicken:


captured and printed 4 years back


Hi everyone,

First time posting my work on here. I started this project in March as a fun test. I decided to do something that I liked and since I grew up playing Megaman and falling in love with the characters I decided to make my own Megaman toy. I randomly found this awesome artist on deviant art who happened to redesign the characters. Instantly I knew I wanted to model these characters. Here is the link to his site.

While creating Megaman I already had in mind that I was going to model Protoman also. Luckily the designs were very similar. The difference being the waist (Protoman just has a red belt), head, scarf, and shield.

I also made it so the parts could be interchangeable. Both models can have dual buster cannons, dual hands (open or fist). Protoman can have his shield attached to his back and he is supposed to be able to hold the shield, but since Ninjaflex is too flexible for this project the model can’t hold on to the shield to well. I’m hoping Semiflex can help with that problem.

Zbrush, 3DS Max, Netfabb, Simplify 3D ( Best 3D Slicing software I’ve come across).
Flashforgre Dreamer 3D Printer
Material: Ninjaflex, ABS, I will be experimenting with Semiflex next. Ninjaflex is awesome but it’s a little to flexible for this type of design.

Here are images of my printed models. I apologize if I spammed too many pics.


Here are my prints from my Ultimaker 2. No post work done yet, I’m still trying to get even better resolution from my printer.


Just found this great thread… Thought I’d add just one of the many dozens of 3D printed pieces I have made, mostly through Shapeways, and 80% jewellery.

Sterling silver 45RPM record centre. You oldies will remember this, right?


Haven’t visited this thread in a while. Just wanted to say that I love everything.
Got my last shipment of parts for my printer. Now to assemble it and you know, see if I can get it to work. :smiley:


Printed in Shapeways Full-Color Sandstone.
Based on my own concept.


These are some 30mm miniatures I am working on (except they will be 25mm, as they are supposed to be “short” - roughly 5’3" tall, compared to a human 6’ tall, or an Elves’ 6’6" tall).

You will notice that some components are separate (the weapons, and shields).

These will be printed for casting on their own sprue, so that they can be mixed-matched with the Orcs/Goblins. Obviously I will need to open their weapon hand a bit, so that it will cast properly (unless I want customers to drill out the hands - I think not).

I may make the bases separate as well, with pegs on the feet to insert into the bases, to make them easier to attach to custom bases.

I also think I need to go over the bodies and harden the surface anatomy of the muscles.