Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work...


I am Davide, i have been a freelance 3d modeler for the past years.
I also loved to design and create machines, and now decided to make this my first job.
So I quit my (ordinary) job, and founded a startup to design and sell 3d printers, I wanted them to be really affordable, but with an high quality!
We are now looking for high quality 3d models, to be printed to show how high our quality is.
We sometimes use 3d models from websites like thingiverse, but most of that models are designed for FDM machines, so often they lack fine details.
If enough people are interested here, we would also like to host a contest, you submit us your creations (.Stl files, maximum printing area is 8cm diameter by 8cm tall), the winner gets a 3d print of the model sent for free!
What do you think?
I attach a photo of the machine, and a sample to show the quality of the prints.



Hi there, first time posting in the forums! Great thread!
I have been a traditional sculptor for the collectible industry for a couple of years now, and in the last four years I went completly digital! For me, being able to do work digitally is magic! It is really magic, and then to be able to see that “virtual image” as a"physical" piece is beyond my imagination. Here are a couple of pieces, for different companies, you can see some more at my cgsociety gallery

Thanks for watchiung
Keep on rockin’


This model printed on an UP made it to feature on Gizmodo website

I’ve got a few more politicians to make next




An interesting model of us. I hope you like it


Hello, This is my personal project for 3D Print… :stuck_out_tongue:


A miniature head of a satyr printing FDM printer


Hi,this is my work

more photoβ_Full_resin_kit%C2%A0Pre-Order.html





Some amazing prints in this thread. Good idea Roberto.

I haven’t got a printer of my own yet, so I commissioned this, my first printed zbrush sculpt, to Ownage. I think they did an amazing job, with the final result being even better than the zbrush sculpt…

You can compare the results against the zbrush version:

Check out my artstation page for more information: Artstation
Or Facebook page


Hi Guys and Girls here are some of my latest 3D Printed objects

Alien bust, you can download and print your own here to paint - Detail Plastic

George Jacobs chair - flexible plastic

Iron Knightmare My minifactory 24hr comp wining entry - Plastic

Spacebar media granny Cat model - Sandstone


Recently took my first foray into articulating a full character for 3D print. Full step by step tutorial out in the latest issue of 3D World mag.


Wow… the quality of those prints are amazing, what printer is used here?


These look great Alterton, love the detail that’s been printed, what size are these printed at if you don’t mind me asking?


Another bunch of parts for our models:



What material it was printed in?


Wolverine bust, sculpted with Zbrush and printed with a Form1+. Sprayed with grey primer


these all look great :keenly: just curious what type of paint/primers people use?


Do you have high resolutions pics? I would like to spotlight your work.


this TED talk is interesting, 3d printing 100x faster


This was my original attempt at both 3D scanning/photogrammy and 3D printing. Printed at ASU and captured with a borrowed tablet in a cafe in Pennsylvania. I edited the model in Zbrush to make it hollow and level on the bottom. Certain parts had to be reshaped and the ear on the right on the print is a copy of the ear on the left in the scan because I didn’t have the subject for re-shooting. The height also appears a little squashed but overall I am pleased with this.

Since this project I’ve done a lot more with 3D scanning, Photogrammy, and Zbrush. I’m investing in my own printer before pursuing too many more real world creations. I would like to be able to 3D print and paint figurine sized characters with high levels of detail like so much of the fantastic work on here. Hopefully soon.