DOF in after effects?? Doesnt work


Hi there,

At the moment i’m working on an animation in maya and somehow i can’t get the Depth Of Field to work.
I’m rendering in mental ray with passes.

The depth pass has the standard input. In render it in openexr format and use extractor in AF to show the
depth map. First its completely white, but when you use the white and black point under process in the extractor you can see the depth map in black and white values much clearer.

Now is the problem that somehow the camera lens blur and also the FL lens blur plugin don’t recognize this black white point value and only see the white image and blurr everything.

What am i doing wrong. Clearly the image has the right values.

Another solution is a depth render layer, but i can’t get the hair depth value. Maya hair keeps rendering with shadows and doesn’t use the depth shader.

Does anyone have an anwser for my problems. Would be great.