DOF in after effects?? Doesnt work


Hi there,

I’m working at the moment on a small animation in maya and somehow i can’t get my depth pass to work.

I’m rendering with mental ray and in the openexr format. I’m adding a depth pass to the file with the standard input. When i import it in after effects and use the extractor the image is completely white. But when i use the black point under process i can tweak the depth. So i see the black and white image.

The problem now is that the camera lens blur still only recognizes the white image and blures everything.
It doesn’t take in account the black or white point value that showes my depth map.

What am i doing wrong??

I als tried to make a luminance layer in maya, but can’t find anything about getting zdepth from the hair in the scene.
So thats not working.

Does anyone have a solution for me. Would be great.