dof and alpha layers


With the risk of being slapped over the fingers, I`ll ask:

Is there a work around this, other than buying enDOFin or zBlur? (or modeling your plane around the alpha)


Yes there is a rather easy workaround for this.

Use a post DOF like dofpro, make a depth map by using a light parented yo your camera so your scene will look like this:

Use that as depth information for your post DOF solution, done.

I use this technique and it never fails me to generate awesome DOF, even reflections/transparency and Alpha’s get taken into account perfectly.


I use that solution as well (most of the time) I think Zblur/Endofin work similar …

Rich_Art, :thumbsup:


Great, is this going to work on animation ?


What kind of settings in my light do i need to adjust to get this kind off DOF fallof?


apply a 100% white material to all your objects (and switch out any colour in objects with alpha maps to 100% white but leave the alpha channels unchanged), add in an omni light and make the light a child of your render camera. zero out the position and rotation values so it is centered on your render camera. set the omni light to no shadows, click the ambient illumination check box and then adjust the fall-off using the light fall-off parameters (use linear fall-off). render. because this method makes most sense when you are using alpha maps you will have to use best AA to avoid jagged edges on your alpha maps.

cheers, simon w.


Sorry to jump in, I haven’t seen this method, seems interesting! It seems the advantage of this vs. running a straight depth pass is that you don’t have to muck around with the Depth settings on the camera? Is that the general idea? You mention using AA- doesn’t the default depth pass render aliased and how would this change the output?


I think the main point of use this method is to correct the default c4d dof system bug, because when using transparencys and alpha channel it doesnt works as it should.

Tiago Saraiva


Thank you Simon Wicker! Works great!


A script that duplicates selected objects and camera under a separate null and applies these settings would be dynamite!

On a side note, I tried this recently and noticed some fringe around some objects would appear in the composite when the blur was applied. Is there a way to avoid this?


Render depth pass without AA :slight_smile: .


If that works, I will put a Shademaster poster on my wall.


I am trying to use this technique to generate a depthmap of my scene which centers around a metaball object with a material with alpha channel (to simulate stripes) and when I render the scene, the alpha channels of the materials are ignored. I must be missing something. In the above posts, it is mentioned that this technique works alpha channels.



Just did a test and discovered that the problem is the metaball object. It seems like this is what is causing the metaball object to render as a solid object instead of taking into account its materials’ alpha channel. With that said, I don’t understand why I can get the alpha channel to render perfectly in a full render but not in the depth pass. Anybody have any experience with this issue?


This workaround is not so easy when you have hundreds of objects and materials in a scene, and once again confirms that of all things Maxon should prioritize with V12 is either a complete overhaul of the render engine to FINALLY address this buggy DOF/alpha issue or a built in workaround that accomplishes what Zblur, etc does. We have complained about this until blue in the face, to no avail.


well, full ack on most points. But actually even on big scenes its just a matter of minutes to create this depth pass. You can select all materials at the same time and do the needed changes on all of them. So it´s less work then one might think.
Still I would prefer an automatic solution.


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