Does XSI has photoshop support like Maya 6?


Does XSI has photoshop support like in Maya 6? In Maya 6, you can create a ps node or layer comp in Maya 6 and then Maya create a photoshop file containing the colour, transparency, bump, specular, etc for you to work in Photoshop and refresh in Maya. Does XSI has something like this? I don’t mean XSI photoshop style-like texturing. I mean a link to work somewhat seamlessly with PS.



Far as I can see, no. Just tried using a psd in a texture and was given no layer options. Hope I’m wrong.

Too bad, I love that feature in Maya. Great for disorganized people like me.


you could open your PSD file in the FX Tree, extract the layers and put it back into your scene. Check the manual about this.




Hey Rob,

Didn’t notice your reply until today.

I’ve been swamped with learning XSI, and really haven’t gone into FXTree yet. Just monkeying around I managed to extract a layer using the psd extract layer operator. So if it’s not to much trouble, what do I do with the output of that operator? I tried attaching it to a clip and nothing seems to happen. There’s not exactly a lot of documentation on it, maybe it will make sense when I’ve gone through all of the fxtree stuff.



I haven’t tried it yet, but if your using foundations or the foundation 30 day trial the FXTree should be disabled (as it is not part of foundations).



I am using foundation and press alt-1 and get the fxtree. It seems to function ok, not that I really know what it’s supposed to do. I can open clips, operators, etc. and things seemed to be enabled.


Based on the way SI implements XSI’s “version platforms” (dunno how I should term them… Adv, Ess, Fou) you can setup things in the lower “platforms” but cannot utilize the results unless you’re on the “platform” that supports them.

For instance, in Foundations you should be able to set up Hair… but will not be able to see the results in a render unless you’re on an Advanced seat. This is great, because if you’re a small 3 man studio, you can buy a license of each and if you understand how all the features work, you can setup everything in Foundations while your co-worker is tweaking something in Advanced… then later when he/she is not using the Advanced seat, you can open up that seat and tweak the groundwork that you layed in Foundations. This is a major time/money saver, for the production savy studio (small, medium or large).

i think that’s what your seeing in the FXTree. You can lay the ground work, but can’t look at the results because you don’t have on the right decoder ring.


Makes sense, but is not consistent in the package. For instance Foundation doesn’t have the smooth/poly reduction tools. They’re not even on the menu to tempt one into buying the right de-coder ring.


That is a good point… but that is an instance gratification tool… you don’t set it up to work down the road… you just use it. You would not typically use the poly reduction tool (or any modeling tool) in Foundations, then open up Essentials or Advanced to see it work. It’s just a different type of function. The demo is not a demo of XSI Advanced…

I am sure that if you want to try the Advanced platform in all it’s functional glory, your reseller can arrange a demo. That’s how they used to do it.




This is was I was talking about in case you didnt find it at

Maybe it will work in Foundation, not sure though. Although this is very basic stuff, it still only might work in Advanced.
Let me know if it works, so I can use this trick too when my Foundation comes in :wink:




Unfortunately JDex is right, it doesn’t work with Foundation.


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