Does this look right?


[color=white][font=Times New Roman]Hey ppl,

Just wondering if these arms look right? If not any insight would be appraisable. Also if anyone else is looking at this and knows 3d max can you please tell me step-by-step of how to use the extrude button? I’ll I want to do is connect the torso to the legs. If there is another way of doing this please let me know.



in profile view they do, in the frontal one, there is an error in the elbow.

about the extrude, there is one better way to weld things for bigginers(and not only) which is the bridge button. select the last leg face, select the last torso face, and hit bridge. u will then need to delete the pelvis face for it to work with simmetry tough.


Any ideas of how to fix the arms? There is something wrong with the elbow area but im not experienced enough to fix the problem maybe if someone could show me how it should look in the image plane…I would know for the next time? Can anyone help me out? heres the image planes.


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