Does Smooth Mesh has some kind of "milimetric inaccuracy"?


It might be a dumb question, but I’ve just noticed yesterday when I was zooming my model (car door) that the straight edges after smooth mesh had milimetric inaccuracy up close (very close), and apparently, this also happens on blender, with any kind of model.

It could be a “TOC” of mine, but, is there any way for perfect accuracy, or just let the way it be?

Made on LT 2016


Ignore it nothing has to be perfect in vfx.


Or maybe i should extrude one edgeloop in the lower panel section since it’s a linear one, but yes, nothing is perfect, I’ll likely ignore it, just happens that when I was working on it i’ve noticed. When I tried with subdivided cube to see if it also happened, it indeed ocurred, albeit in a smaller scale.


looks like a geometry error - cleanup is your friend put it into select mode and you can see where its going wrong.
Not to be argumentative, but it does matter - this is why modellers like to model in quads. If you subdivide and have a mix with tris or nsided polys the subdivide or displacement maps can throw back artifacts at render time.
This looks like you are seeing 4 edges on a uv boarder


Actually I modelled in quads, in fact, the whole low poly model was done in quads to avoid anomalies, only one very small part in the rear of the car body that has a triangle and it doesn’t bother me as I’m aware of having to fix that in high poly.

It appears to be something called Rounding Bug.


all it takes is one tri to throw out the calculation. Your low poly needs to be perfectly clean if you left one tri then you haven’t modelled in quads. Try importing to mudbox - its super sensitive to bad geo


It’s from the car body, not the door itself as it is a separate object with no tris.