Does render time depends of the scale of the objects?


Does render time depends of the scale of the objects?

For example : Would a cube with width and height values of 50 render slower then if it would have those values of 1?


If it takes up more of the camera’s view, yes. The scale doesn’t have any direct relationship to the render time - it’s all about what the camera can see.


i would say rendertime is more about the number of polys the camera sees, but thats just my lazy interpretation


well it could, couldn’t it? If you made an interior at real life scale and you wanted to use GI or FG wouldn’t it take more photons and/or final gather rays to fill up the room and end up with a smooth render? btw, that’s a question and not a statement. :slight_smile:


No I don’t think it would. As people have said it’s all about what the camera sees. Final Gather shoots it’s initial rays from the point of view of the viewer, so that would stay the same no matter the scale. To a degree it depends on how you change the scale. Changing the units in the preferences from Centimeters to Kilometers for example, would have no effect. If however you manually scale your scene up to the kilometers level, things like the FG Falloff would cut off the tracing very differently, changing the calculation time I guess.

For photon emission there should be no change. You’d just have to change the radius settings and intensity to match your new scale. The photons don’t have any real ‘volume’ and so they’re the same ‘size’ no matter what.

EDIT: Well actually, increasing the scale of your scene by a lot can speed up your rendertime dramatically… because half the scene will be outside of the clipping planes, hahahahahaahaha…ehem. :scream:


perhaps if you have uncached simulations(particle,fluids,dynamics) and maya has to evaluate every frame, scale and thus real world dimensions play an important role in that. but who has those things uncached, anyway:)


I’ve scaled down my scene so my depth map shadow resolution isn’t too big… I would say it helped speed it up a bit…



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