Does much drawing helps your modeling really?


They say so, i draw so now and then but i must say when i try to model a head from a box with subdiv, i have to start over and over again until i have some good basics and then comes the real ****ed up part… the details… i always **** up my models with this…

I believe if you draw a lot on paper, and i mean … a LOT and you know how to draw your caracters that it is much easier to model your caracters in 3d…

anyone got any comments on this, i want to find out actually… cause if so im gonna draw like an … “somebody who draws a lot” again… :thumbsup:

really i have to know this… i mean IRL when you’re working at a proffesional studio you have to draw before you can even OPEN your 3d program don’t ya… i know some studio’s hired sepperated peoples to do so…



Hi, Galo! If your goal is to become a better CG modeler try sclupting with clay or Sculpy with a model for reference. I truly believe that if one can create REAL 3D models with traditional materials then it’s just a matter of learning how to work with new tools(computer program) to become a CG modeler .You should definately keep up with your drawings. Try drawing from a model if possible. Using 2d reference helps but it’s less of a challenge and requires less problem solving since a good part of the work is already done for you. It’s all about seeing. Hope this helps!


hey good w\question…
i myself used to think that u really dibnt have to draw good… though u still need to undertand how things around a model work… but ave come to realize that u actually need to draw to get to understan this,… for example… i cant draw well a human… thus my human models arent the greatest… but in the other hand ive been drawing sets for a long time… and my architectural models are 10 times better than my human models… so in conclution. i think that yes… drwaing definetly can help out… u can still do it with out drawing… but ur models are gonna take 10 times longer to finiosh and probably wont look so good…

well i hope that helps a bit…




Hi Galo :slight_smile:

Here’s my opinion…

Drawing helps me to see things more clearly. Shapes and tones etc. I have the same problem tho, that when I start modelling in 3d… well things just get a tad messy. I agree with Pixelfairy that tactile sculpturing is a must. It’s a state of mind too. I’ve known guys that take to cg like a duck to water, yet their work is poor cos of their lack of artistry and ability to manipulate forms (again drawing helps me no end to see what shapes work or don’t work!).

Once the program and techniques become second nature to you like picking up a pencil, modeling will seem natural and easy. It’ll then be down to your abiliy as a designer and artist.
Good Luck!



Drawing is crucial. I have met many a good modeller that can’t draw very well, but. Try conveying something to someone that isn’t used to seeing things in a 3D computer environment.
Or better yet. How are you even going to show someone a model immediately. Those things can take some time. Wheras a drawing can be whipped out in a matter of minutes and people will understand what you are getting at.
You can’t say “Wait a minute!!!” and run off to your computer. Hammer something out, print it, and run back with something to show.
Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock drew alot of his own storyboards? How about Steven Speilberg (before he could afford someone to do it for him)? These guys are heroes of ours, geniuses, artists, draftsmen…
Drawing will also help with your staging and composition skills as well.
I’ll get off my soapbox now, thanks for listening.:slight_smile:


Hey everyone, thanks for replying

:pixelfairy: -> Playing with clay is that important :slight_smile: ??

i was thinking of making plastic models out of little tiny plastic objects like a buddy of mine

hey makes shit like this :

That’s pretty cewl and i think that will improve my modeling skillz…

Anyway, im willing to do anything to improve my skillz… im a 2d artist for 4 years now and thats getting a little boring, im taking maya classes now for half a year and i was thinking of getting into drawing classes, i drawn my whole life… even when i was a kid i wanted to be a comic art artist… but for one reason i quit drawing… still don’t know why, and now i see that i need it again i have to draw but i’m afraid i can’t dra anymore… al the drawings i make end up to nothing… and i know you don’t have to draw well to model well… but i want to…

thanks for listening anyway guys…

/Me is gonna draw like… “someone who realy draws a lot…” person :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:



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What sorta problems did you get?



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Nice stuff icky. Very competent.


simply, if you can draw well, so draw before start to modeling
even u don’t use the drawing for ref., but drawing it will open
your mind wider to what r u going to do.
& if you can’t draw & don’t want to learn, so it’s ok…model
with TRY & ERROR … anyway you are a digital/3d sculpter not
a penciler.


ila_solomon : It’s not about learning to draw… it’s about drawing much and improving my drawing skills… putting time and effort into drawing while i could put it in my modeling skills…

Anyway thanks 4 the comments



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aha, got it…ok, what’s your current jub & for what position
are you looking up?


I am currently working for a graphic design company where i do webdesign and wedevelopments, but i want to move to 3d modeling/texturing/animating, i worked for 2 years with 3dsmax, 1 year of lightwave and now im learning maya…but it has nothing to do with me job… 3d is now only a hobby, i need a lot of abstract shapes aso for my designs but that’s not hard at all…

i can model but when it comes up to anatomy or edgeloops or any organic surfaces i just all **** them up…

So, what i wanted to do is drasticly improve my modeling skills with drawing, i think that helps because you learn how to set up your model better and you also have a clear pisture in mind about your model…

And i need as many tips as there are so anyone willing to help me and share a spare of minutes for some helpfull tips i would really apreciate that…

thanks guys…



I think the biggest advantage to classical artskills like sculpting and drawing, is that they are faster to achieve the desired effect. If a director thinks a shot may be better with a 360 degree pan of a room, the modeler needs to have the roome modeled and then animate the pan, while the 2D artist, can pop out a rough 360 pan in ten minutes, half hour tops, with far more detail than the quick 3D one could have. Same with a head rotation. when desinging a character. you can really help you modeling if you can draw 32 drawings of you head and make it rotate. all very important and efficient skills. Need to show a director what a jungle setting may feel like or show that you are dapable of doing that kind of project for them, I can do a tarzan style charcoal rendering of a jungle in 3 Hours tops. Course it helps to have a Tarzan Layout artist for your Background and Layout instructor.

YOu can work with out 2D, but why limit yourself. Look at the art of monsters inc book. Thats what makes their movie still standout compared to Ice age. The Artistic planning that goes in before the modeling starts makes a huge difference. To get a job at pixar you are far better off with some classical skills, especially for deign or animation, they prefer artists who can animate classical ove rthose with only 3D experience, they’ll even train a 2D artist over an okay 3D artist with no 2D experience.

I’ll admit there are exceptions, I have seen amazing work come out of some artists that don’t draw, and all I can think to myself is “have you ever sat down with a pencil??? Imagine what you could do”

And if you are doing character annimation or modeling, drawing alone is not enough find a gallery or studio, or even school that has life drawing, life drawing is the most important artskill. If you understand hman anatomy you can draw pretty much anything.

Glenn Keane still goes to lifedrawing sessions so don’t anyone say it ain’t important unless you have smoethng better than him to show for.


So, what i wanted to do is drasticly improve my modeling skills with drawing, i think that helps because you learn how to set up your model better and you also have a clear pisture in mind about your model…

u answerd your question…u r right
go for it & improve the drawing skills, no doubt!



kaiskai, thanks for lightning things up… im actually gonna draw everything i want to make now, even if it’s a website or anything…

ila_solomon, thanks 2 u 2 m8 4 the help :smiley:



me also like u … i love 3d modelling and animating …
im also a web designer … ive in max about 1/half years … but nothing can do in my office coz its a web development company…
so… im studying alone to draw anotomy …
and every day in night im drawing sketches , drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing … i m not going figure drawing classes … im studying in my own… every day im improving myself… im waliking to my ambition alone… !!!


well…i guess so guys…drawing is pretty important…i saw some of my friends , when they make their 3d models…the models look like their drawing style…
your drawing skill can affect your model…well…kinda hard to explain but its true…and i feel the same way though. anyway maybe i will post my model later here for comparison…:wip: