Does MB7.5 support Maya8.5?


Nice simple question if anyone knows the answer it would be much appreciated…

Does MB7.5 support Maya8.5?




It depends on your Maya Plugin. If you have installed the newest yes. (Normally Maya8.5 has already the newest Plugin installed) If not you need the fbx converter, which comes along with MB.

But just go to Autodesk HP check and download the newest Maya Plug.


Thanks for the reply GiantG,

I have tried the latest fbx plugin for Maya, but I still get problems when I load it back into Maya after exporting from MB.

I will have to have a look at the converter and see if that makes a diference.




which problems did occur?! autodesk released their last build of fbx plugins a few days ago


No .fbx update for XSI.



Sorry about the delay

I set up the character in Maya 8.5 with all naming conventions etc. and exported as a .fbx file. Then setup a basic walk animation in MB 7.5 with my imported file.

I exported the FBX animation into Maya 8.5 and all i get is basically the animation, but displayed as circles and no sign of my character.

I can play the anim back and see the basic walk i setup represented by the circles, ([](

Any ideas?



It looks like you might have exported wrong. Make sure that you are not just exporting the Kaydara FBX animation only. Save it off as a FBX. Also, did you plot the animation to the skeleton?


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