Does maya have 3dsmax equivalent of chamfer fillet boolean edge {auto select} intersection



Really looking for a fillet boolean intersection solution,
attached is 3dsmax chamfer out of box, makes auto select intersection edges, chamfer better than maya bevel, but
still limited as it stops at existing edges in boolean. I believe houdini has solution, maya hardmesh plugin
buts that needs subdiv. Modo mesh fusion needs subdiv. Blender has single use version script.

Wondered what other alternatives in maya land.



1 - if you want to select “broken” loops like around your boolean you can use “contiguous edges”

2- you are using an old bevel algorithm, i don’t know what version of maya you have but the bevel3 is working just fine for this and has a lots of options.
(maya 2018 is using the bevel3 by default)
go to the node editor -> tab and type polyBevel to see what you have



select by contiguous edges although better than maya had previously, is hardly select boolean boundary edges
automatically , if you had a hundred boolean windows , you want auto select like 3dsmax or houdini, otherwise everytime you want to move or switch booleans you have to manually select edges again on a hundred windows.

the versions of maya used depends on who you work for varies , polybevel3 appears in the list so it must be that,
i still find maya bevels with odd weird angles compared to 3dsmax or houdini.

Just trying to get a cad history type workflow, fusion360 has it {early free versions of 123d had it till autodesk realised it was actually useful and removed it}.

auto boolean and auto boundary fillet with history.

3d is at the point where big structures and cars are not done in maya, because its a one shot modeller,
more than one group and you have lost control of your shapes, Many time you need to stack groups
within groups and instance them.
having to freeze transforms when you dont want to.

the node editor is and will be the key to maya, where is the edge selection box node, what is driving its input,
to feed into the bevel fillets

The future is flow charts and i think maya needs to create a new set of future proof nodes.
for example onouris local branch of a node doesnt appear on certain nodes.



onouris sel contiguous edges bevel3 method.

a) bevel3 still fails on a boolean without cleanup of over 4 sided faces.

b) if you choose to clean up 4 sided faces getting a one shot select contiguous edges probably impossible
have to use uv shells

c) if you do a) and b) you will not have a usable history stack to move or switch booleans with a fillet intersection.

somehow 3dsmax and houdini very good at keeping auto selection of intersections

please see

not having ago at you onouris your knowledge is better, just trying to improve mayas workflow for others.



hahaha when i’m saying to use the polybevel 3 it’s not by changing the name of the node.
you are not using the 3 here, you are still on the old one.
this is how it looks

now keep in mind that you are not in cad like soft, the only way to have kind of cad feeling is to use the plugin Hard Mesh or Mesh fusion on Modo. (the new Hard Mesh will get pretty neat features)

And if you want a semi cad thing, like what you are describing here, it’s just some procedurals applying bevels based on edge angle. This what you you can see in Houdini or blender for instance.
You can build something similar with SOUP (that’s the Houdini way)
And if you want something more user friendly with drag and drop you can get this plugin (under the hood is doing the same thing you would do with soup)


hi onouris ,
it showed polyBevel3 i node editor as you listed, but not latest version.

i will try in later version when accessible.

Bevel node does show the big weakpoints in mayas current node editor,

with bevel node it adds input sections of the node when you use it in the viewport,
but they are missing starting from scratch in the node editor.

this is not a proper node editor, at least soup gives a select group node and thus edges you can use
to drive the bevel.

Now you know why i am dumbfounded by mayas workflow.

It needs proper nodes.

All current development seems to be done by people outside of a…desk

ie nex, mash,soup,arnold,hardmesh,

except for mash and part nex these are all additional yearly costs.

if it wasnt you would have a backward program,

using these developers is fine but if the nodes are not consistent
the bedrock of the program is shaky.

splines are a must, grouped instances a must
being able to render a quick noise free interior or mesh light in arnold
a proper path deformer not rebuilt wire deformer
path animation with no psychotic ffd twists



you don’t have tons of options if you want real proceduralism.
Maya+Soup or simply Houdini.

Other softs are even more clunky on that side.
If there is one plugin to choose it would be Soup for sure, if you want to stay in maya.

Also Autodesk are definitely aware that Maya needs natively more nodes like in Houdini or SOUP.
The new tools these days in maya are all done in that fashion, Mash, Bifrost, xgen interactive etc.

And honestly a really don’t give shit if they buy plugins as long as it fits well.
For instance Mash it’s pretty well integrated, it’s almost just a sets of nodes controlling points.
You can mix Mash with SOUP or control the transforms of meshes or any other attribute actually.

The Bifrost framework will bring a fully procedural thing at some point.

Now you just need to know where to stand, what is your field of activity?
You talk a lot about CAD software, if that what you really need then maya, houdini, 3ds, blender or whatever will not save you. (we could imagine a Fusion 360 plugin in maya why not, it might save some export/convert time between softs, but it’s not a priority i think)

If you want a very generalist tool that covers a lot, animation, rig, modeling, MoGraph, Fx, Hair grooming, with decent performance, heavy scene management etc.
For me Maya is the best with and with the addition of SOUP you get this extra kick that is really missing to maya (i use it all the time) i go with Houdini only when i really can’t do it in maya (or hardly do it, because it starts to get cluncky)

And if you are doing all day bevels and don’t need anything else why not just staying with fusion360?