Doe Eyes, Shaun Absher (3D)


Title: Doe Eyes
Name: Shaun Absher
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

Something I did for fun to mainly test out mental ray in XSI. All compositing was done in photoshop.
The little heart on her helmet activates the visor.

For Haha’s I decide to do a MegaMan tribute. The sprite is a painted over Roll from MegaMan.

Maybe she’s an ex-girlfriend of Megaman.


Beautiful! -Megaman’s a lucky guy! I really like the subtle palette.


very nice… great eyes and skin…keep it up.:applause:


Great just feels as if the sub-surface effect is a bit strong towards her lips, but otherwise great job!!


nice one !
yes the SSS is strong, but it works great in this case.



Beautiful girl. The render is great.



I Like! pretty pretty. Very nice work


Cleavage always works! :slight_smile:

Good job man!


Great bit of work man - a lovely style indeed. I really wanna see the visor down now :stuck_out_tongue:

If i have one small suggestion, it would be the eyes. The inner lobe area seems to exagerated making the bottom eyelids appear to droop.

Otherwise really good.


i like the character modeling, only crit is as mentioned above the SSS feels too strong almost close to wax.


Very nice very pretty, reminds me of Ellan Page


I wanted all three images on the initial post but I guess my forum skills are lacking. Here are the variants of the image as described above. Thanks for the comments guys.


It`s a really lovely piece Shaun :wavey:



Awesome man - hook it up to the MegaMerge tool and they can make sweet megaman love together


Great image Shaun, glad to see you doing some personal work, especially something as nice as this.

Love the megaman style :smiley:


nice stuff man,seem the blurian guys are so active this days:thumbsup:

upload more stuff plz

btw :did blur pipeline switch over Brazil to mental ray?the last cinematic rendered with

mental ray completely …:scream:


I agree with the above crits, also the texture on the ear feels a tad flat. Beautiful work otherwise.


really nice … love the proportion
even the over the top skin shader ( almost waxy ) is working verry well for me
now put some wirframe for us :slight_smile:


Very cute character! I like the homage to Mega Man. I would have liked to have seen her finished from head to toe. :slight_smile:


Dude, you are bringing the sickness