DODO bird, Maciej Frolow (3D)


Title: DODO bird
Name: Maciej Frolow
Country: Poland
Software: Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

First creature for my 2011 funny creatures calendar project.

Base created in Zspheres, modeling, texturing and rendering in modo, touch ups in Photoshop. The mountains displacement map is generated in World Machine, textured and rendered in modo, fog in Photoshop.


I really dig it… Looking forward to seeing the other months.

My only suggestion is to see how it looks if you desaturate the beak a little bit or maybe layer on a complimentary color to tone it down a tad.


I love it! It reminds me of the scene with the dodos in Blue Sky Studio’s “Ice Age”. Please post the creatures for the other months when you finished them. :thumbsup: )


cudgelfish - thx, color corrections will come when I will have the whole 12 images to set a comon color range.

Stirk - thx, I will :slight_smile:


got to love a modo dodo.

I really dig the final comp. Looks great on that little ledge.


drudals - thx, with hope he will not jump :smiley:


Simple but very nice creature!
Keep it up!


yuriki - thx :smiley:


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