Dockable ans resizable WPF window like the scene explorer


Hi everyone

Lately, I went on c# and WPF to create nice UI.
Now, I’d like to create a dockable UI that is resizable when it’s docked (like the scene explorer in max 2015) but I didn’t succeed for now.

Using the 3ds max .net help (…, Creating Dockable UI or new Extended Viewports using .NET section), I managed to be able to see my Window inside the customize menu, but as soon as I lunch it, it crash Max…

To get there, I created 2 class, a wpf window class named MainWindow and the CuiDockableContentAdapter class with this:

public override Type ContentType
get { return typeof(MainWindow);

public override object CreateDockableContent()
return new MainWindow();

Can anyone help me on this one ?


Im guessing you have to create a wpf usercontrol, not a window.


Thank you, it works. The only thing missing is the resize possibility when it’s docked, but otherwise that’s nice :slight_smile:


Could you tell me more about it.I’m interested too


you can use dispatcher time to update UI