Dock35, Stefan Morrell (3D)



Great work man!! Love it! congrats!


Good image. But may I share one little crit. The guy is imho totally off perspective and lightning wise. Of course I understand that you just threw him in, since you want to to just give the image some life. But I wonder what would happen if you projected him on a generic 3d character so that you could get the perspective right (and maybe get some better lightning too).

Thanks for sharing, you got some seriuos Sci-fi goodies in your portfolio!


Hey Stefan,

Nice to see some new work :slight_smile:

The composition feels a little weak. I think this is because of the flat appearance of the dock and the strong perspective of the ship. Would have been nice to see from a slightly different angle maybe, one that gives more perspective to the dock. That said; i do feel each element works, i just wonder if they work together.

Love the ship design and the little robot. As always you’re a master of industrial design :slight_smile:

Would have been cool to see more of the background, seems like there’s a little too much smoke concealing weaker areas of the background at the moment :wink:

Also seeing some more interaction between the ship and dock would have been nice, ie; some kind of rail delivering cargo into the ship, or something happening up on top. It doesn’t feel like it’s telling much of a story at the moment. We can see a ship at a dock, but doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why.

Anyway, a few minor critiques, but otherwise awesome :slight_smile:

And to agree with others, i hate you too :stuck_out_tongue: lol



It’s like being there :smiley: - As always, serious stuff - love it.


wow thanks for another plug Leigh! must be getting sick of me,lol

and thanks everyone for the feedback.
interesting comments about the composition,it was very intentional to not give the ship too much room…I’m into using long ‘lenses’ lately (in contrast to my earlier images which use very short lenses) and trying to compress the scene,I find it gives vehicles a much more menacing and overbearing feel.
re the background, I guess I was thinking less is more,without all the steam the image became too cluttered so it felt like a good way to seperate the elements.

thanks again for the comments!

edit…interceptov,…I initialy used a model of a figure for scale but then painted over a photo sourced figure.

heres a another shot of the 'bot,made a few weeks ago


Very cool!

The ship’s a bit reminiscent of a Harrier. (RIP Harriers… :frowning: )


I’m a really big fan of yours, love your stuff. Always nice to see more from you. :slight_smile:


OK, this one is stupidly good. Actaully you can quit CG, you have completed it, there is nothing else you can achieve, you can go home, you won. Haha…

The spaceship is so pretty, its shape is perfect, I love how used it seems… ahh, just top top quality stuff.

And for a change, I love the coposition. I am big fan of tele lenses as well.


Pardon my ignorance, by short and long do you mean wide and narrow angle lenses?


Great work!!:thumbsup:


Super great work and design! Cheers!


Your work is always inspiring. This is fantastic work again. I really like lighting. You are master of texture and shaders no doubt about it.


congratulations Stefan-Morrell!.
brilliant job…:).


I love the work and creativity


Nice! Reminds me of Avatar!


BOWDOWN to the KING! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Outstanding as usual :bowdown:


Great work Stefan. Amazing athmosphere, lighting and textures. :thumbsup:


very cool.


amazing work as always :slight_smile: