Dock35, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Dock35
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

after nearly half a year without doing any personal images I figured it was time to crank out some sci-fi

the majority of the image was modelled some time ago for other projects,scene set up took a couple nights with a further day of post…
rendered at 8k with finalrender,post in Photoshop.


wireframe and GI


I’m not even going to bother posting a detailed reply, because this image, like all your work, just totally rocks. It’s not fair, and I hate you.

Frontpage. Grrrr.


Great work as always. Love it :slight_smile:


Awesome job Stefan! My eye candy for the day. :cool:


This one is really easier to read at first glance, than some of your other more cluttered works which are great anyway.

5* for you.


Amazing as always. Did you paint this guy?


Stefan-Morrell shines once again! :applause: Maybe I would place a bit more space from the right for the ship to “breathe”. It must be a hard time for those who are afraid of height and not afraid of wind.


As always I can’t find words to describe your skills.


Another awesome image! Though I agree the composition is a little crowded.

Props for posting the GI and wire, too. After seeing all the great building detail in the GI render, makes me want to see more of that in the final image.


Boring reply here, but I just have to agree with everyone else - amazing work as always!


  • Jonas


Good work Stefan.
So you painted that guy or is that photo?


Very impressive, I love the ship and the idea of boarding/loading it in that manner.


Great work! I really like the exagerated proportions of the ship and how its built in layers, also the cockpit is nice, I have the impression it can detach! so cool. The pale reddish lines are also nice detail.

can you post a closer shot of the robot behind, I am curious man!


Another sci-fi piece! My lucky day :slight_smile: I’m not really a big fan of the composition, but that’s probably just me being a total sucker for drop-ships… I only want that in the frame, because it rocks!!! :thumbsup:


Insane as usual!!


My thoughts exactly :smiley: . I like your work to the point of hating you. All this in a good way of course :cool:.


Just amazing!!! I love the mood in this image:cool:



really like the composition. nice!


nice works always. lovely job again:D


I love this. Great work!