Do you want to Simulate rope in MassFX?


:wip: I’d like to share you guys a tool which I developed for create rope, cable, chain…
it’s still in very early stage, comments are welcome.


Forgot the tutorial link
Video tutorial


really cool! is there a way to define how many links you want in the rope? really nice :buttrock:


Looks very useful. I’ve made a few ropes by hand from constrained boxes and it’s not much fun. This should help a lot.



Well done. Good to see that when it is done.


Just try seg length


Thanks Pen, The next step I’ll try to add some attribute on the rope, and I think Pen attribute holder is a good reference


Looks pretty neat. I’ll be sure to try it some time. Many thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:



unbelievably amazing, many thanks dude! :slight_smile:




Hello & Best wishes for 2014
One question… is it possible to use the start & end pins with a massfx rope create from a spline. I have to do a pipe around a cylinder.


he just restricted the controls of the script… i cant modify it… great job but from a retard…!


Why i cant draw the rope ?

did i do something wrong or i have to use a specific tool ?


please help me its not working with me i cant draw anything


Use Skin Modifier to create the rope :slight_smile:


hi why do i get runtime error no creatable Normalize SPL in max 2018.4 thanks


me too in max 2018 thanks


yes I’ve seen the cloth modifier used to create rope using custom parameters and playing around with the gravity value…it’s quick and effective…there’s a guy who spcialized in this tchnique…he lao came up with cool rigging tool fpr biped …can someone help me out with his name? bald dude…


Hello everyone, I would like to use this script but I can not find where to go to download it