Do you speak Italian?


I have a showreel from CFC which dates back about three or four years on my computer. The accompanying music has someone singing in Italian. The music is great. But I can’t tell what the singer is singing about. Perhaps a little translation could help me on my search. If I can find out what the lyrics are, then I can probobly find the title of the song, which is what I’m after, since I want to purchase the music.

So, if anyone who speaks Italian is willing to help me out, could you let me know? Thank you.

Perhaps if there are any CFC employees on the board, they might have some insight.


hehe here i am! post the words if u can and i’ll translate them for u.

Ciao from Italy


Hey, I’m Italian too! So feel free to post italian sentences and voilà, translated for you…

Ciao – Marco.

p.s.: e ciao a Nemoid. A proposito, di dove sei? Sei una/un bravo CG artist? Piacere di incontrarti!


I will get in touch with you as soon as I get home. Thank you so much for the reply. Last time I tried asking for someone to help translate I didn’t get much of a responce. Thank you so much.


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